Tempo English Weekly
Edition: Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Tomy-Buwas Confrontation

TOMY Winata gave several unusual messages during a fast-breaking event in early June. "I don't want to obstruct the careers of these young officers," one participant of the meeting told…


One-Stop Welfare assistance

Weekly Business

SOESThree Stages to a Superholding SOE
The government aims to finalize a three-step procedure to form a superholding state-owned enterprises (SOE) parent company by 2019. "The goal is to…



On Arcandra Tahar
ARCANDRA Tahar's double nationality has caused quite a commotion. It is a pity a person with two passports was able to become a minister. I believe…


The Arcandra Polemic

ARCANDRA Tahar has been relieved from the post of energy and mineral resources minister for holding a United States passport.


Conflicts of Interests

As a law enforcement agency, the National Police is no stranger to pressure. The commotion over bribes paid to extend the on-arrival visas of a ship's crew at Tual, Maluku…

Another Illegal mining Licensing Case

Diplomatic Bag

Indonesia to Push for Regional Security in ASEAN Summit

At the ASEAN Summit in Vientiane, Laos, slated for September 6-8, Indonesia will emphasize security and ASEAN's relevance as a body.
"We will emphasize the importance of a…


Life-Preserving Mangroves in Papua

Money-making Mud CrabsThe people of Ohotya village in Papua, rely on mud crabs for their livelihood. The village chief works with the local fisheries agency to ensure the sustainability of…

Tea of Life

Berlinda Mawane sat on the porch in front of her house in Pigapu Village, Mimika Regency, Papua. She had a bowlful of dried leaves on the table next to her,…


Ahmad Juwaini:We were accused of being politically partial

THE Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation named the philanthropic organization Dompet Dhuafa as one of the recipients of its renown award this year. The foundation based in Manila, the Philippines is…






The Two Paths Leading to Hang Lekir

PAK Edy, send the business documents immediately!"
The order came from Supreme Court Secretary Nurhadi to Central Jakarta District Court Registrar Edy Nasution late last February. Edy recalled…

Ahok's Waiting Game

Dozens from the Jakarta Poor People Network, a grassroots organization, last Thursday staged a rally at Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P)'s headquarters in Jakarta. They rallied to express their…