Tempo English Weekly
Edition: Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Backflips to Cover Arrears

A syndicated loan led by BNI will give Rp2.3 trillion to the Bakrie Group. At one point, the proposal was turned down by a BNI credit analysis team.


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Bakrie and Bad Loans

The Selling of BIN

The appointment of Budi Gunawan as State Intelligence Agency chief is regrettable. Strategic positions should not be made a political bargaining chip.


A retrospective on Sardono W. Kusumo Sardono: His Camera, Papuans and Paint

A retrospective on Sardono W. Kusumo's works was part of the Singapore International Festival of Arts at the end of August. The festival presented Sardono's latest performance, documentation of his…


Peatlands: Hidden Gem or Idle Land?

Peatlands are on the headlines again: fires on peatlands, to be exact. It was serious enough that President Jokowi reiterated his vow to fight against forest and land fires. It…


Old Strings for the New Age

Sounds of the Archipelago

The Archipelago String Festival held in East Java features traditional string music from different parts of the country. It is one of many ways to reintroduce traditional music to the…


Tiga Dara


Held captive At Rokan hulu

A team from the environment and forestry ministry was held hostage for eight hours after inspecting forest fires in Rokan Hulu, Riau.

Predator Pimp

The police has broken up an underage prostitution ring made up of young boys. A total of 39 victims have been identified.


Clear Path for Budi, Red Carpet for Ahok

Budi Gunawan has been appointed the new chief of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN). his appointment was rumored to be an exchange for PDI-P's support for Ahok's reelection bid.

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