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Edition: Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Rush to Rescue Bumiputera

JAKA Irwanto and Boyamin Saiman raced to the Integrated Police Service Center of the Jakarta Police Department. On Thursday morning last week, the two men, who own Bumiputera 1912 Insurance…


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The Case File Runaround

THREE months after the handover to the Jakarta Metro regional police command, investigations of suspected fraud and embezzlement involving businessman Darren Chen Jia Fu, a.k.a. Suryo Tan, has come to…

Low Kok Thye, Director, Malaysia Southern Keratong Plantation:Suryo Tan said he gave the money



BRI Replies
IN response to the complaint lodged by Miss M. W. Silaban in the November 21-27, 2016 edition of Tempo magazine, we extend our apologies for any inconvenience…


There is a new phenomenon in Indonesia's terrorism movement, specifically within the ISIS sector: female suicide bombers. New recruits are obtained, among others, by marrying women and conditioning their children…


Bailing Out Bumiputra

Bumiputera's problems began with its status as a mutual, rather than a limited, company. With this kind of model, it has not been managed with sound insurance company principles. The…

When Military Personnel are Involved in Corruption

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) must not slacken its efforts to investigate the bribery scandal allegedly involving military personnel in the Maritime Security Agency. These senior officers, still on active…




A More Uncertain 2017

Brexit forced economists to redo their projections for 2017. And, rightly so, as not long after the United Kingdom (UK) decided to leave the European Union (EU), its currency slumped…


Top Military Brass in Possible Bribery Case

Two weeks ago Eko Susilo Hadi spent one and a half hours alone in his office on the first floor of the Marine Security Board's (Bakamla) old building in Pasar…


Lessons in Tolerance

Zakia Tan Munira traveled a long way from Banda Aceh, Aceh's provincial capital, to visit two elementary schools in North Aceh's remote subdistricts.
The 24-year-old went with three other…

Tolerance amid Diversity

Erzsa Maharanny Sula remembers vividly how happy she was when she met the Ibnu Tadji family in Jakarta three years ago. Erzsa had just arrived from her birthplace, Rote Ndao,…


Hugo Hans Siblesz, Secretary-General Permanent Court of Arbitration:Arbitration is always based on consent

Hugo Hans Siblesz did not deny that the result of the South China Sea arbitration, facilitated by the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), has turned the Philippines and China's relationship…

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ASEAN Discuss Rohingyas at Retreat

Ten ASEAN foreign ministers reconvened at the ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Retreat in Yangon, Myanmar, on December 19 to discuss the recent development of Rakhine State and the plight of the…

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Bali's 'Newspaperman'

Leonard Lueras has spent more than half his lifetime traveling across this "incredibly rich and great archipelago," as he described Indonesia, and publishing books about it.
"I'm one of…


Alfred Riedl Trainer, Indonesian Football National TeamOur Players Eat Krupuk

Alfred Riedl, 67, has proven himself again. The strategy of this Austrian trainer managed to take the Indonesian national football team to the finals of the 2016 AFF Suzuki Cup.…