Tempo English Weekly
Edition: Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Going for the Grasberg Gold

Freeport is against divesting 51 percent of its shares to Indonesia. Reportedly, a few national companies are keenly eyeing the shares of the world’s largest mining company.




Beware the Rent Seekers

No Going Backward

The proposed Criminal Code Bill still contains articles on spreading hatred that are a legacy of the colonial era. They are a threat to democracy.


Id Card Massive Corruption Case

DPR members are suspected of receiving bribes in the e-KTP project. Setya Novanto is trying to allay the situation by limiting the KPK’s authority.

When Religious Donations Go Astray

A working meeting at the House of Representatives' (DPR) Law Commission two weeks ago put National Police Chief Tito Karnavian on the defense. For seven hours in front of a…


Projects for Grab

A special audit revealed that the Asian Games promotional projects were lucrative sources of money for Olympic Committee members and the Youth and Sports Ministry.

An Ambiguous Colonial Law

The DPR and the government scurry to complete revisions on the Criminal Code. Articles on defamation threaten freedom of expression.

Asean & Beyond

Going Eastward

The King of Saudi Arabia is on a marathon visit to six Asian countries, including Indonesia. It may be part of an initiative to garner support outside the Arab world…


True Tolerance

In contrast to the mostly Hindu population of Bali, the people of the traditional village of Tuka in Badung Regency are Christians. The village has even been dubbed the first…

Harmony and Ngejot

Harmony among the different faiths in Tuka is maintained through the ngejot tradition. Villagers continue to nurture this piece of local wisdom.