Tempo English Weekly
Edition: Tuesday, March 28, 2017

NPLs on the Rise

Non-performing loans in the national banking industry show signs of increasing. The rate of defaulting loans could double.


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We, Surya Artha Nusantara Finance's (SANF) legal representatives, hereby respond to the report published in Tempo magazine titled 'Kansas' Fake Deposits in the March 20-26 issue.


New Rates for Online Taxis

ONLINE, app-based taxis will increase their rates after a regulation on their base-line rates takes effect on April 1. The regulation is included in the Revised Transportation Minister Regulation No.…


Beware Rising Problem Loans

The banking industry needs to put its house in order, given the recent rise in the number of non-performing loans. This trend should also serve as an early warning for…

Files Theft at the Constitutional Court, Again

The police must nail the brains behind case files theft at the Constitutional Court. The staff at the Court must be carefully screened and monitored.


Market Pulse: Markets Getting Harder to Assess

Usually, a Federal Reserve (Fed) interest rate hike, like the one on March 16, would weaken other world currencies and stock market indices, especially those in emerging markets. But this…


'Candy' Child Predators Apprehended

The police have broken up a group circulating child pornography on social media, connected to an international network. A couple have been indicted.

Haven for Child Sex Criminals

Indonesia has become a destination for foreign child molesters. Easy Internet access and a weak law enforcement system allow these criminals to roam free.


Document Thieves in Court

A court hearing a disputed local election results was marred by file theft. Case brokers roam freely at the Constitutional Court.

e-KTP Witness Retracts Testimony

A key witness for the KPK has retracted her testimony. The Hanura politician felt pressured after revealing the bribery trail of the e-KTP case.

News Capsule

Basic Rates to Apply to Online Taxis Starting April 1

Managements of online, application-based transportation services agreed with the government's decision to apply a baseline rate effective April 1. "We are applying [the regulation] with fairness, as well as safety,…

Asean & Beyond

Lu Olo's Turn to Shine

Francisco Guterres won Timor-Leste's presidential election in a single round. His fame as a former freedom fighter helped to gain popular support.


Cry Jailolo's Sister Dance

Balabala, the second installment in Eko Supriyanto's Jailolo trilogy, recently premiered in Yokohama. The dance was also performed in Belgium and Germany this March.

Scene & Heard

Tantowi Yahya: Our Man in Kiwiland

Suciwati: Family Pilgrimage

Last month, activist Suciwati, 48, at long last was able to embark on a family pilgrimage with her two children to The Hague, capital of the Netherlands. Their objective was…


Tjahjo Kumolo Home Affairs Minister: I'm 90 percent sure who the e-KTP mastermind is

The electronic ID card (e-KTP) corruption case is giving Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo a big headache. For the past year and a half, some 68 of his subordinates have…


Youths Against Smoking

Despite the new wave of regional regulations on smoke-free areas, prevalence of smoking in Indonesia remains high. According to a 2013 study by the health ministry, 85 percent of Indonesian…

Bali's Anti-Tobacco Warriors

A young Balinese has initiated an anti-tobacco community aimed at spreading awareness on the dangers of smoking among children. The community has 47 members.


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