Tempo English Weekly
Edition: Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Deadly Prank

The murder of Kim Jong-nam at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 by a group of people said to be North Korean secret agents has implicated Siti Aisyah. Along with a…



I wish to express my deep disappointment with Telkom Indihome, whose aggressive promotion does not match its quality of service. I hope my complaint will motivate Indihome to perform a…


Miryam's Odd Testimony

Miryam S. Haryani, member of the Hanura Party and the House of Representatives' (DPR) government commission for the 2009-2014 period, withdrew her entire testimony from the Corruption Eradication Commission's (KPK)…


The Pitfalls Of Migrant Work

SitiAisyah is the latest addition to the long list of Indonesian women who have been lured by foreigners to commit criminal acts.

The Tricks of our 'Senators'

The DPD has come under the control of a party man through an improper mechanism. This is unconstitutional.


Market Pulse : Awaiting S&P's Upgrade

This is the best quarterly result for equities in emerging markets for the last five years. The MSCI Emerging Market Index gained 11.4 percent in the first three months of…

Out of Steam at Home Stretch

The tax amnesty's results fell way below target, indicating that a number of tax reforms have failed. Indonesia may not be able to take full advantage of global information transparency.

Weekly Business

Digital Economy: Grab's Acquisition of Kudo

THE app-based transportation service provider Grab Inc has acquired Kudo, an online-to-offline e-commerce company. Last Monday, in a written statement, Grab said Kudo would be integrated into the GrabPay payment…


A Rowdy Regional Council Election

Oesman Sapta Odang was elected as speaker of the DPD. The election was fraught with discord, leading to a divided leadership.

Typos with Serious Consequences

The Supreme Court has installed a new DPD leadership considered to be 'legally flawed'. The outcome of several typos.


A Heartbreaking Marijuana Story

A cannabis therapy patient in West Kalimantan died following her husband's arrest. The National Narcotics Agency refuses to be held responsible.


Back To Nature Farming

Farmers in Indonesia are ranked the lowest among the country's income earners. Last February, the trade value ratio for farmers nationally fell by 0.58 percent from the previous month, according…

Turning Chocolate into Gold

Cocoa farmers in West Sulawesi had to abandon their plantations because of low yields caused by pests and mismanagement. But sustainable agriculture training has improved the region's cocoa production.


Skilled Workers Needed for Major Projects

Indonesia is facing a manpower crisis in the engineering sector. Higher education institutes are still uncertain about technological progress.


Wieteke van Dort: Oh, the Good Old Dutch-Indonesian Days!

Many elderly Indonesians can easily sing along to Geef Mij Maar Nasi Goreng (I prefer fried rice), a tune that recalls a nostalgic life during Dutch colonial times. The song's…


Elia Massa Manik, Pertamina CEO: The mafia are scared of me

ELIA Massa Manik, 51, perching at the top of the organizational structure of state-owned oil and gas company Pertamina, seems to have the Midas golden touch. His name first began…



His surname Mahieu, born in Bangkalan on August 22, 1865: neither Madurese, nor of French blood. August Mahieu began and ended at unclear borders. Native? Non native?