Tempo English Weekly
Edition: Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Scattered Clues of Terrorist Networks

Two ISIS-linked suicide bombers attacked Kampung Melayu in east Jakarta, not long after the concert explosion at Manchester, UK and about the same time as the occupation of Marawi town…


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Towards a Happy Golden Age

Life expectancy in Indonesia continues to rise. In Yogyakarta, people on average live to the age of 74, but in West Sulawesi it is only 64. There will be a…


Coffee Craze

The Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters recently released figures indicating domestic coffee consumption continues to grow, currently at five to six percent a year. Worldwide consumption is also predicted to…

A Coffee Village

Villagers at Kahayya are not yet aware of proper coffee processing techniques, despite the product’s high quality. The Sulawesi Community Foundation trains farmers on better marketing techniques.




Stopping the Scourge

Another Side of the Demographic Bonus

On the occasion of Senior Citizens Day on May 29, the government should use the momentum to reform its services to ageing citizens.


Market Pulse: Indonesia Finally Gets Investment Grade

Lobbying the Legislature

The Palm Oil Bill proposed by the DPR mostly benefits companies. Corporate crime sanctions are not strictly regulated.


Basuki’s Non-Appeal

The former Jakarta governor withdrew his appeal 30 minutes after submitting it. He was being advised by all sides.

The Kokan Permata Party Bust

The Police raided a gay party in North Jakarta. Critics say this was a violation of privacy and of human rights.

Asean & Beyond

The Threat from the South

The Maute group, a follower of ISIS, clashed with military forces in the southern Philippines city of Marawi. President Rodrigo Duterte declares martial law in the region.


The Flag