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Edition: Tuesday, June 06, 2017

A Muslim Town Torn by Terror

The town of Marawi shows signs of what life is like in that embattled part of southern Philippines. Shop walls are pockmarked by gunfire, streets and alleyways are deserted. Wooden…


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Alarm from Marawi

The fall of Marawi, a small town in the southern Philippines, into the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is not a sign that the radical…

Persecution Threatens Freedom of Expression

Persecution of social media users accused of smearing Islam and clerics proves that not all citizens enjoy their constitutional right to express opinions. This is a clear violation of Article…



I had a high fever and went unaccompanied to the Budhi Asih Hospital, a general hospital in East Jakarta on May 5, using the health social security insurance (BPJS). My…


Proper Procedures for Disbanding HTI

THE controversy on Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia's (HTI) dissolution continues. Maswadi Rauf, a political observer from the University of Indonesia, believes dispersing HTI is not an infringement on democracy; however, the…


Sweet Incentives for the Sugar Industry

Two months since the new raw sugar import regulations, director of food, seafood, and fishery, Abdul Rochim, has to repeatedly explain the regulations' purpose to stakeholders, particularly to farmers.

Market Pulse: Yet Another Concern about China

There was hardly any enthusiasm in financial markets after S&P Global Ratings raised Indonesia to investment grade, two weeks ago. The market reacted indifferently; with some areas even trending negatively.…


Hunted for Online Comments

Left without no option, Fiera Lovita and her two children were forced to seek refuge in Jakarta. She had to abandon her work as a doctor at the Solok Public…

The Cyber Army's Attack

For the first time, the Muslim Cyber Army Movement declared its hunt against people they believe have insulted ulamas or Islam through the @MuslimCyberpage Facebook account on May 21. Their…


Bribery for an Unqualified Status

TWO incidents took place at the Ministry for Villages, Development of Underprivileged Regions and Transmigration in Kalibata, South Jakarta, two weeks ago. On the second floor, Minister Eko Putro Sandjojo…

Unqualified Without Exception

THE 'unqualified' (WTP) opinion is the highest audit level to be given by the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) to an institution. Better audit means a better chance of approval when…


Young Guardians To The Rescue

Young GuardiansSome young people from the Talang Mamak tribe in Riau have formed a group to patrol their customary forests. Illegal loggers can be caught red-handed.

Making Riau Green Again

Andri Saputra, also known as Aan, is a former illegal logger. As a teenager in the Sungai Rawa village, Riau, Aan would join adults in the village as they wantonly…


A Head and a Bowl of Chicken Soup

Markus, an inveterate criminal, visits Marlina, a widow, in her secluded home on a barren hill in Sumba. He tells the widow that he intends to steal her livestock and…


Chris Brown: Protecting Coral Reefs and Rescuing Turtles

In April, Chris Brown flew to Jakarta to speak at an Indonesia Briefing event organized by the Foreign Ministry and Tempo English. At the event, he shared his passion of…


Indonesian President Joko Widodo: There Is No Room For Radicals

PRESIDENT Joko Widodo kept his cool when insults were hurled at him during the series of mass rallies called 'Defend Islam' which first broke out in November last year. He…



For Father Magnis-Suseno
Who is Ahok? Who is X? And Y? How do you determine them?
I am reminded of Groucho Marx. When someone asked the comedian to…