Tempo English Weekly
Edition: Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Shrouded In Alibis And Motifs

Nearly two months have passed, but the police have yet to solve the attack on Novel Baswedan, despite evidence and witnesses pointing in the direction of one person. A photo…


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The Police’s Half-hearted Efforts

A Backward step in Terrorism Law

The Indonesian military should not be given sweeping powers to tackle terrorism. Control of all operations must stay with the police.


An Unexpected Close Race

A Head and a Bowl of Chicken Soup

The PDI-P narrowed down support for Wimboh Santoso two days before the election. A number of candidates were in communication with political parties.


Shedding The Light Of Education

A great number of Indonesian children, particularly in remote areas, are deprived of education. UNICEF data shows around 2.5 million Indonesian children will only complete their primary, or at best,…

School To Maintain Old Values

Children of the Punan Semeriot Tribe in North Kalimantan had no access to formal education because of their village’s secluded location. A young returnee initiated an indigenous school.


Police vs TNI

The Police and the TNI are in competition as both lobby for jurisdiction on terrorism eradication efforts. The President has extended his support for the military.

Asean & Beyond

The Bloody Tracks of the Maute Clan

Initially a clan from Lanao del Sur, the Maute group has turned to cruelty. The extremist group, led by Abdullah and Omar Maute, continues to spread terror.


With Hate