Tempo English Weekly
Edition: Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Reconciliation or Revolution

Fleeing from an accusation of producing pornographic content, Rizieq Syihab lobbied President Joko Widodo to stop the criminal investigation into his case. He even threatened to start an uprising if…



WE would like to convey and clarify several points in regard to an article in the Tempo magazine, June 19-25 issue, titled In a Squeeze Due to New Regulations.


Terrorism, the Army's New Assignment

PRESIDENT Joko Widodo's wish to involve the Indonesian Army in fighting terrorism has sparked public debate. Some worry about the legal aspect, while others worry there may be an overlap…


Considering the Rizieq Case

The police should not use the Pornography Law to target Rizieq Syihab. Even if they have evidence of his intimate and racy chat with Firza Husein, a woman who is…

ISIS Terror at Police HQ

Fortunately, the terrorist attack on the North Sumatra Police last Sunday only had bad intentions, not good planning. Armed only with knives, the attackers tried to set fire to a…


Market Pulse: A Party Amid Dark Prophecies

Exactly 20 years ago, Southeast Asian financial markets had a meltdown. Now the damage it inflicted has all but disappeared, even in Indonesia, the hardest hit country in the region.…

Digital Finance's Swift Development

Technology-based financial industry (fintech) is now mushrooming in Indonesia, growing rapidly over a short period of time. As of early 2017, start-up companies in the sector had reached a total…


Five-Day School Far from Simple

WHEN he accompanied President Joko Widodo as he distributed the Kartu Indonesia Pintar (Smart Indonesia Card) in Tasikmalaya, West Java, early last month, Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy…


The Fight for Non-mainstream Beliefs

Adherents of non-mainstream faiths have filed a protest against the Population Administrative Law, citing a blank column for religion on the national ID card for non-mainstream adherents as rank discrimination.

News Capsule

North Sumatra Police HQ Attacked

Two people attacked and killed a North Sumatra police two weeks ago on Sunday. After jumping over the North Sumatra Police Headquarters fence, they stabbed the policeman on duty, Martua…


Bridging Acceptance

Indonesia is a uniquely diverse country with countless beliefs and hundreds of ethnicities. Its slogan, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, or Unity in Diversity, perfectly summarizes the archipelago's pluralist ideal. Over the…

Filming tolerant islam

THE Sabilul Hasanah Islamic School in Banyuasin, South Sumatra, began their school holiday two weeks before the Idul Fitri. But some Ramadan activities were still held at the school, including…

Asean & Beyond

The Return of an Old LION

Lim Guan Eng could not hide his shock upon hearing Anwar Ibrahim's statement, made from behind bars. Lim, who is secretary-general of the Democratic Action Party (DAP), was startled when…


Focusing on Indonesian Children's Books

Indonesia was featured as the 'country of focus' at the 8th Asian Festival of Children's Content held in Singapore, where dozens of writers, illustrators and publishers from Indonesia spoke about…

On The Record

Locally controlled forestry should be a major part of Indonesia's future

DUNCAN Macqueen became interested in forestry after spending his childhood in a small village outside Berastagi, North Sumatra. His parents were missionaries in Indonesia. Macqueen saw how a logging crew…


Gunarti, Activist for Kendeng Mountains Community Network: We are colonised by our own kind

Gunarti, a farmer and activist in the Kendeng Mountains Community Network, seems hesitant to be compared with Kartini, even though she shares the same birthday on April 21, as the…


The Physical

'and what is the sin of the body?'-- extract from poem in the performance Panji Sepuh
The Buddha sits in meditation--or he is a skeletal frame sitting cross-legged: a…