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The Debt Debacle

Shuffling Ministers

A cabinet reshuffle is reportedly imminent. The Palace has been dangling ministerial posts to gain political support from parties in the parliament.

Letter From





Healing Past Wounds

Ethnic, religious and political conflicts have plagued Indonesia time and again. In 2001, ethnic conflict erupted in Sampit, West Kalimantan. In 1998 and 2000, communal violence broke out in Poso,…

Manda’s Women Survivors


Minister’s Seat or Opposition

Before ratifying the Election Law, the Democrat Party claimed about beng lobbied by the Presidential Palace to support a provision on the presidential threshold. Agus Yudhoyono was offered a cabinet…

One Witness, Numerous Descriptions

The Police released a sketch of a man suspected of attacking Novel Baswedan with acid. The sketch differs from the witness’s description.


Umrah Package Disaster

After going all out to offer umrah promotional packages, First Travel still has not flown thousands of its prospective minor pilgrimage travelers to Mecca. The Ministry of Religious affairs has…


Remembering Banda

Jay Subyakto has created a film on the history of Banda. The documentary tells nothing new, but it gives an artistic depiction of the historical moments that occurred in the…


Amangkurat’s Aloneness

As his end approaches, in face of defeat, Amangkurat’s past rises up and meets him. The 90 minute drama in 14 acts is enacted on a dark stage. There, Amangkurat…


Rashley Yeremia: In Tennis, as in Life

He flew to Chicago on a tennis scholarship. He went on to do much more than coach tennis and was awarded for excellence in community services from the Illinois Secretary…