Tempo English Weekly
Edition: Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Shaping Classical Malay Literature

Amir Hamzah earned the title of national hero for his contribution to Indonesian literature. His poetry was heavily influenced by Rabindranath Tagore.




Drug Tests for Celebrities

Should everyone in the entertainment industry go through regular urine tests to eradicate drug abuse?


Unlike the Other Side

Gas Price quandary

Indonesia approved ConocoPhillips’ request to increase the price of gas sold from the firm’s Grissik field to state-owned gas company PGN. PGN is not allowed to adjust prices for sale…


Re-weaving the Past

Indonesia is home to a vast assortment of traditional handwoven textiles, most of which are not as well-known as batik. Each region offers its own unique variety with vibrant colors…

A Return to an Old Tradition

The Dayak Iban Tribe has been weaving for centuries, but many weavers have abandoned the practice of using natural dyes. The Women in Small Businesses Assistance Association is helping Dayak…


Some Millions Here, A Billion There

Hundreds of reports are disclosing the misuse of village funds throughout Indonesia. It is just over one month a taskforce was formed to monitor fund disbursement.

Why Village Funds are Open to Misuse

Weak controls mark the disbursement of village funds. The funds are managed by three separate ministries with overlapping authorities.


Consumer Criminalization

A resident of the Green Pramuka City Apartments was declared a suspect when he posted a complaint in a blog post. An act to silence consumers?

Word Watch

Writing Speech