Tempo English Weekly
Edition: Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A feud inside KPK

KPK’s internal affairs unit is questioning the agency’s director of investigation due to information that he leaked KPK’s investigation into the suspected electronic ID card corruption case. He also attempted…




The Enemy Within

Who Watches the Judge?

The Corruption Eradication Commisson once again exposed a bribery scandal at the South Jakarta District Court. The oversight system is still weak.




Escape from the Fragile 2.5

Taiwanese Clients’ Lost Pension

Millennium Penata Futures allegedly stole funds belonging to 2,500 customers in Taiwan. The whereabouts of the over Rp2 trillion remains unclear.


Reviving Age-Old Melodies

Indonesian folksongs are starting to die out, crushed under the popularity of contemporary music. As a response, in the Polewali Mandar Regency, West Sulawesi, the Nusantara Culture House (RBN) of…

Music Inspired By The Old Kingdom

The Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia explores the Sriwijaya Kingdom’s history and combines historical elements with contemporary music to preserve the Malay culture. The band has performed at music festivals overseas.


Hijacking Accounts, Spreading Hate

The Police arrested members of a hate speech and fake news syndicate. They made campaign proposals and charged tens of millions of rupiah per campaign.

Saracen Group Leader Jasriadi: If an account went over the line, I’d hack it


Songs of the Motherland: Fatigued but with a Surprise

This year, 72 years since Indonesia’s independence, is the second time the public could view the presidential palace painting collections. Last year was the first—and almost sacred—public viewing of Sukarno’s…