Tempo English Weekly
Edition: Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Setya's desperate measures

Setya Novanto is doing everything he can to evade prosecution in the electronic ID card corruption case. This includes using the political route through the House of representatives to hiring…

Asean & Beyond

A Milestone in a Controversial Election

Halimah Yacob set a milestone when she became Singapore’s first woman President. But her uncontested election to the presidential seat reserved for a Malay candidate sparked some backlash.


Disciplinary Action Against Aris Budiman

Aris Budiman, a police brigadier general and the Corruption Eradication Commission's (KPK) investigation director, has become the topic of conversations as of late.



I'AM among many who use the services of online ojek (motorcycle taxi) between home and office in both directions.


Doctoring Doctorates

A collaborative doctoral studies program by the Jakarta State University (UNJ) and 12 state universities is now subject to scrutiny.

One Ismail, Five Dissertations

The dissertations of five Jakarta State University posgraduate students from Southeast Sulawesi are believed to be loaded with plagiarism.




Nyoman Gunarsa: Balinese Through and Through

Nyoman Gunarsa (1944-2017) cared about painting Balinese ornaments and dancers the very things that brought him success. He also established museums to preserve both modern and traditional Balinese paintings.


Let the River Flow

Indonesia is home to hundreds of rivers running through the country’s over 16,000 islands. But most of these rivers, especially those in the vicinity of residential or industrial areas, are…

Collaborating for Clean Water

People living around the Jeneberang River, Gowa Regency, used to throw trash into the water. A community group started the River School to change the old habit of littering.


An Unnecessary Death

Baby Debora died after the hospital where she was receiving treatment refused her advanced care as the family had not yet paid in full. The police are investigating the hospital…

Opa’s Dangerous Persuasion

No fewer than 115 young Indonesians are suing the Australian government for mistreatment while under custody in the country. These Indonesians fell victim to a smuggler’s persuasion.



Faux Steel Enters Construction

Steel smelting factories with induction relocation furnace technology from China are increasingly mushrooming in the country. Without any security and safety standards, these steel products for reinforced concrete are circulating…


Instant Doctoral Programs

An increasing number of regional public officials are earning instant doctoral degrees from local universities. This practice should be punishable as an academic crime.

Health Service Woes: Show Me the Money First

Unwarranted death caused by a patient's inability to pay upfront should never happen again. Hospitals must enforce strict adherence to health legislations.