Tempo English Weekly
Edition: Monday, November 13, 2017

Fighting Potential Jail Time

Setya Novanto has again been named suspect in the electronic ID card investigation. New evidence has been brought forward to indict him.


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There is the back door and there is the Ciliwung, the unnoticed river. And in this story, there is Meneer Barkey.


Improving Mother-and-Infant Health

IN Indonesia’s remote regions, many still believe in age-old superstitions and traditions, including those surrounding pregnancy and childbirth.

Reconciling Tradition and Medicine

Pencerah Nusantara has enlisted government-assigned midwives and traditional birth attendants in Randomayang, North Mamuju, to promote safe childbirth. Visits by pregnant mothers to public health centers have increased sharply.


Terror Against Case 07 Investigator

A KPK investigator handling Basuki Hariman’s bribery case has been at the receiving end of terror, from theft to hit-and-run threats. He is in possession of important evidence.

An Insistent Investigator

OF the five female Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigators, Surya Tarmiani handles major cases most frequently.


New Brand, Old Supplier

Vitol penetrates Indonesia’s downstream oil and gas. A former Senayan politician is said to be one of Vivo’s founders.

Market Pulse: Potential Market Correction

RUPIAH faced turbulence two weeks ago.


Second Attempt

THE law seems to find it very hard to get to grips with Setya Novanto.

Ending Terror Against KPK

Attacks and threats continue against the anti-corruption commission investigators handling the bribery case in the beef imports scandal. The KPK leadership must not be hesitant.



Finding A Solution to the Gillnet Issue


Police Destroying Evidence Guilty of Criminal Offense

TWO police investigators from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK)


Constitutional Court Chief Justice Arief Hidayat: We Are Not Encouraging New Religions

IN the space of less than an hour, the Supreme Court issued two important decisions when it sat last Tuesday.


Jamie Vincent Farrell : Digging Up the Sumatra Death Railway

Revealing the history of the Sumatra Death Railway has become Jamie Farrell’s obsession. His lengthy investigation is only beginning to win him international recognition.

New Species from Batang Toru

Researchers from Indonesia and nine different countries identified the third species of the world’s orangutan living in the forests of Tapanuli, North Sumatra. The species’ population is nearing extinction.


The Grief of a Twin

Director Kamila Andini captures the process of grieving over death from a child’s point of view. The complex theme is presented tastefully.