Tempo English Weekly
Edition: Monday, December 25, 2017

Breaking Bad in Tubagus Angke

It took two years to expose the illicit sale of liquid narcotics at the MG discotheque. The National Narcotics Agency suspects the club had enjoyed protection from the authorities.


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An Ill-Gotten Position

The Ministry of Administrative Reform has appointed Tin Zuraida, who was once probed by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), as an expert staff. It was National Mandate Party (PAN) chair…

The ‘Lover’ Who Missed the Bus

Golkar has withdrawn their support for Ridwan Kamil as candidate for West Jawa governor. The Golkar-and PDI-P coalition has spread to Central Jawa.


Locking Divestment through Participating Interest

The government, Rio Tinto and Freeport have reached an agreement on the divestment transaction structure. But they stumbled upon the matter of the company’s future management.

Market Pulse: Risks Against Market Wisdom

The financial market is already in its festive mood towards Indonesia.


A Narcotics Emergency

LAW enforcement agents seem to always be one step behind narcotics dealers.

Half-Hearted Effort

The current diphtheria outbreak proves that the government’s immunization program is not being run effectively. Public health clinics (Puskesmas) must be reactivated as prevention centres.



Netizens were in an uproar when Jakarta became flooded recently.


Countering Anti-Vaxxers

Diphtheria has remerged in the country. As of mid-December, at least 714 diphtheria cases were recorded in 25 provinces, with the Corynebacterium diphtheria bacteria causing as many as 38 fatalities.



Imagine one day going to a country where synonyms-yes synonyms-were killed off.


Zuhair al-Shun, Palestine Ambassador to Indonesia: Palestinians Will be in Jerusalem Until Doomsday

The Palestinian Embassy is probably the only nation’s representative office in Indonesia that exhibits photos of tragedies. Aside from the grandeur of Al-Aqsa Mosque


No Resentment

He was cut off from Indonesia after the September 30 movement in 1965, which left him stateless. But this retired academic does not harbor any hatred, and works to improve…

Word Watch

Road Signs

Going to Malaysia is always such fun. Formal Malaysian Malay is close enough to formal Indonesian Malay to be able to communicate easily, and different enough to make it constantly…


Moving Toward an Organic Sangihe

In November, the Sangihe Islands in North Sulawesi declared itself Indonesia's first organic regency.

A Return to Sago

The Sangihe Islands' regency government is gearing locals away from consuming rice as a staple food. The local government has chosen to focus on the organic farming of sago.


The Tale of The Vaccine Rejecters

Social media has amplified the vaccination debate. Some reject vaccination for religious reasons, others doubt their efficacy and yet more others suspect conspiracy.


Hilmar Farid

Cultural Diplomacy in Europe

Marcus Fernaldi Gideon/kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo

The Minions’ Winning Streak