Tempo English Weekly
Edition: Monday, January 01, 2018

The Resolute Novel

The police have still not caught the person who threw acid on Novel Baswedan’s face. This, one of the many attacks on him, is believed to be connected to major…

Letter From



Our Man of the Year

Airlangga’s Double Role

The new Golkar Party chair must resign from his position in the cabinet to avoid conflicts of interest. The President has to uphold his promise.


Market Pulse: Economic Indicator Trends In 2018

The Apps Race for Destination Markets

Travel and hotel companies have launched their digital marketplaces and booking systems. They are aiming at foreign tourists and the public’s online consumption upsurge.


PDI-P Endorsed Police Generals

A number of active police generals will be endorsed by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) to run in the upcoming gubernatorial elections. All had served as police chiefs…


Indonesian Sculptures, Between Brussels and Liege

AT the end of January 2018, the massive Europalia Indonesia festival in Europe will come to an end. This time around, Indonesia follows Turkey as principal guest in the biennial…


The Ecotourism Potentials of lombok’s Villages

Indonesia’s villages offer rich economic potentials, but many have yet to explore them. There is now an infectious and growing awareness of these hidden potentials. Several villages in East Lombok,…

Returning to Their True Colors

Women in the South Pringgasela Village, East Lombok, are reviving traditional woven textiles. In the process they have developed new motifs and re-introduced natural dyes.