Tempo English Weekly
Edition: Monday, January 08, 2018

Java Holds the Key

The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) is still considering its candidates for regional head elections in Java, home to half the country’s voters.


Low-Cost Acquisitions

Foreign banks have penetrated deeper into Indonesia. They are seeking lower-cost additional credit disbursement using funds from their home countries.

Vulnerable to Piracy

The ports and seas around Tanjung Priok are still blacklisted. This Increases the prices of shipping insurance premiums and goods.


PDI-P Secretary-General Hasto Kristiyanto: Some want the PDI-P to be more Islamic

Hasto Kristiyanto has been much busier in the past few days ahead of the registration for governor and deputy governor candidates in the 2018 simultaneous regional heads elections.


The Era of Political Acrobatics

Our democracy seems to be getting messier during the run-up to the simultaneous regional head elections next June.

Burying the Ghost of Communism

Prosecutors have used the Articles on spreading communism on an environmental activist in Banyuwangi. Law enforcers must not become tools for silencing the public’s voice.



I AM a university student living in Bandung.


Looking for Something, General?

Commander of the Strategic Reserve Army Command Lt. Gen. Edy Rahmayadi’s plan to become the Governor of North Sumatera will soon come to fruition.



Eppur si move. Perhaps 400 years ago, while gazing at the sky and stamping his foot on the ground, Galileo uttered those words.


creative tapping of new Food

Indonesia's natural resources offer a great potential for food diversity.

Dining on Moringa

The West Sumbawa government is supporting the movement to eat moringa leaves. A regulation encourages the practice aimed at overcoming malnutrition in the regency.

On The Record

Creative Economy Agency Chair Triawan Munaf: We Must Accelerate Creative Economy Growth

The potentials of Indonesia's creative economy seem better than significant.


Unearthing Gandawyuha’s secrets

GANDAWYUHA is the name of the 460 bas-relief panels found in the Borobudur Temple's second, third and fourth galleries.



THE Jakarta Police have arrested artist and model Jennifer Dunn at her residence on Jalan Bangka XI C No. 29, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta.


To Hammer An Activist

Prosecutors demanded a seven-year prison sentence against a mining activist accused of spreading communism. Evidence presented at court was insufficient.