Tempo English Weekly
Edition: Monday, February 26, 2018

Longing For The Suharto Days

The Berkarya Party has qualified to participate in next year’s general election. Relying on the Suharto name, the party plans to house the late former president’s more politically inclined family…






New Parties, Same Old Faces

Too Little, Too Late

The accident on the Becakayu toll road project must spur improvements to all infrastructure projects. Political interests should not interfere.


Still Under Pressure After The Turmoil

Tobacco Regulation in Dispute

The coordinating ministry for the economy seeks to suspend restriction on the imports of cigarettes’ raw ingredients, but the trade ministry is moving ahead.


Property Tycoons’ game

Johan Lensa accused a business partner of committing a crime against him. The state prosecutor feels his claims to be lacking in substance.

MD3 Law Causes Chaos

The law is turning the Parliament into a ‘superpower’ institution with the advice and approval of the government. No regulation in lieu of a law (perpu) will be issued.

News Capsule



No to Child Marriage

The Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection has declared child marriage, or marriage involving persons under 18, a national emergency. According to a report by the Central Statistics Agency…

A Campaign by and for youth

The Youth Coalition for Girls (YCG) in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, is fighting to put an end to child marriage in the province.


Budjana’s Laid-back Jazz

Dewa Budjana gave a sparkling performance at the Jazz Buzz Salihara. Acting laid back, he was accompanied by a string quartet and a vibraphone.


Pidi Baiq and Dilan’s Sweet Talk

Dilan is the hottest name on moviegoer’s lips. In less than three weeks, over five million viewers went to watch Dilan, a movie adapted from Pidi Baiq’s best-selling teen lit…

Word Watch

False Friends



When Chaka Khan sings My Funny Valentine in her soulful, husky voice we do not remember, nor have to remember, just who is the Valentine she is singing about. We…