Tempo English Weekly
Edition: Monday, March 26, 2018

Third Wave Cafés

A newfound coffee culture has driven café growth in Indonesia. It is now headed towards its saturation point.


Time to Celebrate Coffee

I ndonesian coffee has finally carved itself a niche in its own home market.

Saving the Elections

The KPK should not hesitate to arrest regional head candidates suspected of corrupt practices. However, an ‘emergency route’ to replace candidates should be available.



I live in Bogor, West Java, with an ID card issued in Kediri, East Java.


Don’t Intervene in KPK’s Task

COORDINATING Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto has requested the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) not to announce the names of regional head candidates who have been named as…


Commissioner General Heru Winarko, Chief of the National Narcotics Agency: I Want to impoverish Drug Dealers

HERU Winarko was working on the arrest of Mayor of Kendari Adriatma Dwi Putra and Southeast Sulawesi Governor Asrun in connection with a bribery investigation, when a Presidential Palace officer…



Stephen Hawking was no ordinary person. But was he ‘extraordinary’?


Celebrating Our Traditional Music

Despite the nation’s rich history of traditional arts and music, much of the archipelago’s ethnic music has been forgotten.


Intervention in the Campaign Period

Despite requests to delay investigations into regional head candidates, the KPK has grown even more determined to investigate corruption cases.


Trump: A Fair Win?

The political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica is accused of manipulating information received by 50 million Facebook users. The firm has clients in several countries.


Tension Between Old Friends

Pertamina’s restructuring has led to heated tension between two old acquaintances, SOEs Minister Rini Soemarno and Pertamina CEO Elia Massa Manik.

Market Pulse: External Shocks Threaten the Market

Global financial markets are in tremors, not only because of an interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve last week, as markets had already anticipated the 0.25 percent increase since…