Tempo English Weekly
Edition: Monday, April 09, 2018

Showdown at the Mines

The military and law enforcement are involved in a mining company dispute in South Kalimantan. Andi Syamsuddin Arsyad, alias Haji Isam, is accused of using the governor to decimate his…


Suspicious Travel Agency Transactions

A customs official is under investigation for owning a suspicious account with tens of billions of rupiah in recorded transactions.

Agus Djoko Prasetyo: No Such Transactions

AGUS Djoko Prasetyo is believed to have been channeling work-related money to bank accounts under his own name and under a family-owned travel agency in 2006-2011.


A Court Divided

Constitutional Court justices seem to be split into two camps. The division is affecting their judicial review rulings.


The Ride-Hailing Rac e in Southeast Asia

Grab and Go-Jek are the only survivors in the ride-hailing business competition. The battle will spread to Southeast Asia.

Behind the Protracted Regulation

The government plans to force online app-based companies to act as transportation companies. The regulations, however, keep on changing.


Old Soldiers' habits Never Die

Two decades into the reformasi era, the military and the police are still engaged in tussles over business interests-something of a normalcy in the New Order era.

The Divided Court

Constitutional Court Chief Justice Anwar Usman needs to prove that he has the capacity to reform the institution. His track record is far from satisfactory.


Time to Clean the House

Prevalent bribery at customs office indicates failure in the attempt to reform bureaucracy. All loopholes must be closed.



Democracy is a bland love letter. Initially, when expression is first put to paper, passion is strong.



I would like to thank Tempo for publishing a story about the Home Affairs Ministery's policies in its February 12-18, 2018 edition.


Minister of Youth and Sports, Imam Nahrawi: Don't Let Us Earn a Disclaimer Hat-Trick

INDONESIA has the daunting task of making the 18th Asian Games-to be held in Jakarta and Palembang this August-a success.


Where Is Colomadu Heading?

Colomadu, a former sugar mill in Karanganyar has been transformed into a concert hall, convention center and commercial area. This sparked outrage from several parties.

Scene & Heard

Chris John: Inspired by Pacquiao

FORMER WBA boxing champion from Indonesia, 38-year-old Chris John, has decided to enter into the political ring.

Inayah Wahid: Off the Cuff

The Wisma Antara auditorium, Central Jakarta, was freezing when Sejuk (the Association of Journalists for Diversity) handed out their Awards and Fellowships 2018 two weeks ago


Preparing for a New Life

Correctional facilities are not always places where only sanctions are carried out; they can also function to rehabilitate inmates and teach them new skills, preparing them for life outside of…

Prison Catfish Sold at a Superstore

Inmates at a correctional facility in Sungguminasa, Gowa Regency, are raising catfish. Now their fish are sold at a hypermarket in Makassar.


Ombudsman vs. Anies Baswedan

The Jakarta Ombudsman indeed has the authority to make recommendations on the Jakarta provincial government's policies