• Rock and Roll Documentary for Earth

    Rock and Roll Documentary for Earth

    Pulau Plastik (Plastic Island) becomes one of a few documentary films about plastic waste made with Indonesia’s perspective.

  • Resounding Still, the Voice of Southeast Asian Cartoons
    Art & Culture

    Resounding Still, the Voice of Southeast Asian Cartoons

    CARTOONS have often been a source of controversies in many nations. Satiric jokes in the form of comedic images have offended people, often to the point of anger and retaliation. In 2015, France’s satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo became the target of shooting after it published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. The attack killed dozens, including the cartoonist. A decade before, in 2005, Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published an editorial cartoon depicting Muhammad as well, leading to international protests from Muslim communities. In Southeast Asia, things are not that much different. Three years ago, hundreds of supporters of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) swarmed the office of Tempo in Jakarta. They protested a political cartoon in the magazine which they claimed insulted their leader. Southeast Asian’s growing democracy did not come with freedom of speech for its cartoonists. The police have arrested some of them, and many work under fear of persecution. In light of the situation, Malaysia’s political cartoonist Zunar and non-profit organization Hujah Ehsan are holding an online exhibition of the ASEAN Human Rights Cartoon Exhibition from May 3 to 30. The exhibition, titled Human Rights at the Homeland, features 100 critical cartoons by 37 cartoonists from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Myanmar.

  • From The Plague to the Psyche
    Art & Culture

    From The Plague to the Psyche

    The Rancage Literary Award has for the 33rd time endowed the best works of literature in local languages. Instigated by literary giant Ajip Rosidi, the award provides impetus to provincial writers to preserve local languages on the brink of extinction.

  • The (Literary) Arts in the New Reality
    Art & Culture

    The (Literary) Arts in the New Reality

    The pandemic brought changes to the arts in Indonesia in 2020. Many art events had to be delayed or even cancelled. Slowly, artists have bounced back. They began adapting the pandemic, refusing to be kept down. Despite the limitations imposed by the situation, artists have continued to put forward their best work—in part by utilizing digital technology as their medium. This new phenomena, which has impacted the world of arts, was taken into consideration when selecting and discussing the nominees before making decisions about Tempo’s choice for outstanding artists and artworks for 2020.

  • The Village Frenzy

    The Village Frenzy

    In recent years, cinema awards events have rarely taken the comedy genre seriously. A well-made comedy film that conveys a message is now a thing of the past. But in Mekah I’m Coming, we rediscover it. This is why the movie is elected as Tempo’s best film of 2020.

  • The Young, the Weightless, the Joyous
    Art & Culture

    The Young, the Weightless, the Joyous

    The Indonesian Dance Festival was held online, showcasing young choreographers. The event invited ordinary people to dance along during the opening. But the message that dance can help heal during the pandemic, was not exactly delivered.

  • Artjog Not  All Out
    Art & Culture

    Artjog Not All Out

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, contemporary art exhibition Artjog 2020 has to be held online while direct visits are subject to health protocols. Paintings are the dominant form of art this year.

  • Art Center Renaissance
    Art & Culture

    Art Center Renaissance

    The revitalization project of the Taman Ismail Marzuki Art Center is suffering political pressure from the DPRD and DPR. The PDI-P is the most vehement against the project.

  • An East Indies Home in The Hague
    Art & Culture

    An East Indies Home in The Hague

    Sophiahof Museum in The Hague aims to be a historical and cultural ‘home’ for people with ties to the former Dutch East Indies.

  • An Astronaut Named Siman

    An Astronaut Named Siman

    The Science of Fictions created by Yosep Anggi Noen belongs to the World Focus category at the Tokyo International Film Festival. A political trauma theme is presented through a unique idea.

    Picture Window


    An aerial photo of floods that inundated residential areas in Asera subdistrict, North Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi, Tuesday, June 11. Thousands of homes in five villages in the Asera subdistrict are submerged in a flashflood. The North Konawe Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency data shows that Tapuwatu village suffers the worst calamity that all houses in that area are submerged and none of them can be seen from the surface of the water.

  • Come Clean
    Picture Window

    Come Clean

    Workers clean and repaint the dome of Istiqamah Mosque in Pekanbaru, Riau, Wednesday, May 1. The cleaning ritual of Islamic worship places is done to welcome the Ramadan fasting month, which this year starts on May 6.

    Picture Window


    Tourists swim around a whale shark (Rhincodon typus) in Botubarani, Bone Bolango Regency, Gorontalo, Sunday April 21. Whale sharks are usually spotted in Botubarani waters around the months of May and June.

  • 27 Steps of Ravi Bharwani

    27 Steps of Ravi Bharwani

    Director Ravi Bharwani and screenplay writer Rayya Makarim have again collaborated.

  • Aida Begic: In Every War, Children Suffer the Most

    Aida Begic: In Every War, Children Suffer the Most

    TO Aida Begic, Never Leave Me is more than just a film.

  • Celebrating the Diversity of Islam

    Celebrating the Diversity of Islam

    The Madani Film Festival showcases films that paint portraits of Muslim communities across the globe. A film about refugee children from Syria.

  • Javanese Cowboys

    Javanese Cowboys

    A fantasy movie is currently playing, with the theme of revenge set in 19th century Java. A touch of the ‘Wild West’.

  • Pidi Baiq and Dilan’s Sweet Talk

    Pidi Baiq and Dilan’s Sweet Talk

    Dilan is the hottest name on moviegoer’s lips. In less than three weeks, over five million viewers went to watch Dilan, a movie adapted from Pidi Baiq’s best-selling teen lit novel. A band player and a blogger, Pidi is known for his wacky humor.

  • The Grief of a Twin

    The Grief of a Twin

    Director Kamila Andini captures the process of grieving over death from a child’s point of view. The complex theme is presented tastefully.

  • Remembering Banda

    Remembering Banda

    Jay Subyakto has created a film on the history of Banda. The documentary tells nothing new, but it gives an artistic depiction of the historical moments that occurred in the archipelago.

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