• A Head and a Bowl of Chicken Soup

    A Head and a Bowl of Chicken Soup

    Markus, an inveterate criminal, visits Marlina, a widow, in her secluded home on a barren hill in Sumba. He tells the widow that he intends to steal her livestock and then he and his friends will rape her that very night. While waiting for that moment, he asks her for some chicken soup.

  • The Other Face of Papua

    The Other Face of Papua

    FOR most Indonesians, Papua represents conflict and backwardness. To most of the country's non-Papuan residents, the region's various concerns may seem irrelevant.

  • A Man Without a Name

    A Man Without a Name

    Now entering the action genre, directors Kimo and Timo have released their latest film. Their new flick bears some resemblance to The Raid.

  • Building a Nation: Sukarno's Pancasila Speech in Film

    Building a Nation: Sukarno's Pancasila Speech in Film

    Sukarno's seminal Pancasila speech of June 1, 1945 effectively laid down the philosophical and political foundations of the Indonesian Republic. The concept of Pancasila (Five Principles), authored by the country's future first president during the Japanese occupation, is the basis of Indonesia's civilized rule. The government urges all Indonesians to honor this state ideology as their fundamental political philosophy.

    Considered crucial to national unity, the emblem and the words of the five sila, or principles, are displayed in practically every government office: 1) Belief in one supreme God; 2) Nationalism, the unity of Indonesia; 3) A just and civilized humanity; 4) Democracy, guided by the wisdom of unanimity arising from discussion (musyawarah); 5) Social justice, the equality of political rights and the rights of citizenship, as well as social and cultural equality.

  • The Lebaran Gridlock
  • Twelve Minutes of Poetry

    Twelve Minutes of Poetry

    Director: Wregas Bhanuteja
    Screenplay: Wregas Bhanuteja
    Actors: Rosa Winenggar, Yohanes Budyambara, Hosea Hatmaji, Banyu Bening

    The story is set in a kitchen filled with hanging pots and pans, and cans of flour for pizza. Diah, the short-haired woman, pulls aside Jarwo, a chubby male co-worker wearing an apron.

  • Awe and Prayers During the Solar Eclipse

    Awe and Prayers During the Solar Eclipse

    Wednesday morning, March 9, at approximately 06:19 Western Indonesian Time, the sun started to disappear. In awe, huge crowds of people stared up at the sky, some cheering, others falling into silent prayer when the total solar eclipse swept through Indonesia.

  • Dramatizing Soedirman's Jungle War

    Dramatizing Soedirman's Jungle War

    Karsani is a skinny, dark-skinned country boy. The youth (played by Gogot Suryanto), who volunteers to join the guerilla fighters led by General Soedirman is an entertaining character, providing comic relief.

  • A Brief Threesome

    A Brief Threesome

    Kisah Cinta yang Asu (A Dogged Love Story), Sendiri Diana Sendiri (Alone, Diana Alone) and The Fox Exploits The Tiger's Might prove one thing: Short films can stand alone and deserve a wide showing in major cinemas. The short film category, often thought of as the minor leagues of filmmaking, is in fact a formidable art form in and of itself.

    Similar to the short story in literature, short films should not be considered a training ground for filmmakers. This is amply shown by three directors whose names are currently on a rollYosep Anggi Noen, Kamila Andini and Lucky Kuswandiall of whom prove that the short film form merely provides a different avenue of expression compared to the big screen features each of the three has previously produced.

  • <font face=arial size=1 color=#FF0000><B>The Best Film Cahaya Dari Timur: Beta Maluku</B></font><br /><font face=arial size=3><B>Not an Ordinary Soccer Film</B></font>

    The Best Film Cahaya Dari Timur: Beta MalukuNot an Ordinary Soccer Film

    The successful penalty kick is a victory not only for the Maluku Soccer Team in the film Cahaya dari Timur:Beta Maluku but also for the film's team. This year,Cahaya dari Timur not only won an award in the Indonesian Film Festival. It is also Tempo's favorite movie.

    At a glance, the film resembles Indonesian soccer films produced a few years ago, such as Garuda di Dadaku ("Garuda in My Heart") and Tendangan dari Langit("A Kick from the Sky"). But there is far more to it than that. Cahaya dari Timur follows a small team from a remote region that comes to the capital city for a game against a far more experienced team. It is an underdog story with touches of patriotism and nationalism.

  • When Maryam Met Maria

    When Maryam Met Maria

    Director: Sidi Saleh
    Script: Sidi Saleh
    Actors: Meyke Vierna, Adrianto Sinaga, Damiana Widowati
    Producer: Bioskop Merdeka Film

    Yaaam Yam, Christmas. Christmas, Yaaam," the man of the house (Adrianto Sinaga), who suffers from a mental disability, calls for his caretaker. He often wears a chicken mask. In the scene, his hands struggle to place a Holy Mary figurine atop a Christmas tree.

    The film Maryam tells the story of Maryam (Meyke Vierna), who must care for her employer on Christmas Eve. The pregnant Muslim woman works for a Catholic family. On the night of December 24, her employer asks to go to church. The only other person who lives therethe man's older sister (Damiana Widowati)is, unfortunately, about to go on vacation.

  • Streets of Jakarta

    Streets of Jakarta

    Jalanan: A documentary film by Daniel Ziv.

  • <font face=arial size=1 color=#FF0000><B>RITHY PANH, CAMBODIAN FILM DIRECTOR:</B></font><br /><font face=arial size=3><B>People Need Historical Reminders</B></font>

    RITHY PANH, CAMBODIAN FILM DIRECTOR:People Need Historical Reminders

    A semi-autobiographical film by Cambodian director Rithy Panh won the Un Certain Regard award. It is an effort to keep memories alive.

  • The Act of Killing, Solo Style

    The Act of Killing, Solo Style

    In the wake of of Joshua Oppenheimer's film, The Act of Killing, an unprecedented documentary about death squad leaders from the Suharto regime, an Indonesian director has produced a similar film focusing on Central Java.

  • Indonesia According to Titi

    Indonesia According to Titi

    Daniel Ziv spent four years filming street singers in Jakarta, following them all the way to their hometowns.

  • Indonesia Honored at Vesoul Film Festival

    Indonesia Honored at Vesoul Film Festival

    The annual Asian Film Festival (FICAFestival International du Cinema Asiatique) took place at Vesoul, France, on February 5-12. Despite heavy snowstorms, a record 27,000 visitors enjoyed the choice of Asian films. Guest of honor was Indonesia, and featured 21 films selected by BastianMeiresonne, including the fiction film Atambua 39 Celsius about life in West Timor and Timor-Leste by Riri Riza, in the run for awards. Martine and Jean-Marc Therouanne, two high-school teachers now retired, single-handedly founded the festival 19 years ago fueled by their enthusiasm for films and for Asia, and for introducing a younger public to the films selected. Vesoul is situated in eastern France, near the border with Switzerland.

    Riza's Atambua 39 Celsius garnered the INALCO award, following last year's success of the Indonesian film Khalifah. Riza personally presented his film at Vesoul. This year's choice of 90 films from Asia stretched, as usual, from Turkey and Lebanon to the so-called Far East, including Indonesia, with the focus on less 'block-buster' films, and more on 'film d'auteur'.

  • Parts Of Peter's Heart

    Parts Of Peter's Heart

    Paul Agusta's third movie is a charming and optimistic view of growing up as a gay man in Indonesia.

  • The Children in Tiom Valley

    The Children in Tiom Valley

    Although it is marketed as a kid's film, this film presents inter-ethnic conflict that is hard to digest.

  • The Afflicted, Illuminated

    The Afflicted, Illuminated

    Afflictions: Culture and Mental Illness in Indonesia (Documentary Series)
    Director: Rob Lemelson
    Producers: Rob Lemelson and Alessandra Pasquino
    Director of Photography: Wing Ko and Dag Yngvesson
    Afflictions is an Elemental Productions film.

    Rob Lemelson is an adjunct professor at the Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Los Angeles, and a researcher at the universitys Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior. Lemelson directed 40 Years of Silence (2009), a documentary on the 1965 mass-killings in Central Java and Bali. His documentary series, Afflictions: Culture and Mental Illness in Indonesia, received a CINE Golden Eagle Award in 2011.

  • A Crystal Clear Curfew

    A Crystal Clear Curfew

    Usmar Ismails classic After the Curfew has recently been restored and screened at the Cannes Film Festival. The restoration process took one year. Heres why.

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