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  • Indonesian Film Khalifah wins award in France

    Indonesian Film Khalifah wins award in France

    Vesoul, located in the eastern part of France, towards the Vosges and near the Swiss border, has gained international fame for its Asian film festival founded 18 years ago by Martine and Marc Therouanne.

  • On the Eve of Imlek

    On the Eve of Imlek

    With ImlekChinese New Yeararound the corner, there is a stir of activity around Chinese viharas (temples) throughout the country. Statues of gods and goddesses are gathered, dusted and cleaned. In preparation for the increased demand for incense, which the faithful place and light up around the statues, Cengklong village in Tangerang, Banten, is doubling their production of incense. On the grounds of Toasebio Temple in Jakarta, barongsai (Chinese lion dance) artists practice for the big day celebrating Chinese New Year 2563. Meanwhile, the Indonesian Post Office has produced a series of Chinese New Year commemorative stamps, to add to the collections of local and international philatelists.

  • A Warm Satire that Hits Home

    A Warm Satire that Hits Home

    A fast-paced drama-comedy: disarmingly honest, witty and touching, all at the same time.

  • Srintil Dances On

    Srintil Dances On

    A motion picture based on a free interpretation of the novel Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk by Ahmad Tohari. The film feels dark, painful, and erotic, all at the same time.

  • <font face=arial size=2 color=#ff9900>Ahmad Tohari</font><br />The novel's spirit has been represented

    Ahmad TohariThe novel's spirit has been represented

    Ahmad Tohari says he is quite satisfied with the film Sang Penari, (The Dancer) taken from his novel. He has been accused, though, of contriving the ritual of the opening of the dancing girl's mosquito net.

  • When Art is Blameless

    When Art is Blameless

    The sacredness and eroticism of today's ronggeng dance no longer resemble those as illustrated by Srintil in the movie Sang Penari and the novel Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk. Ronggeng groups in Banyumas are having difficulty getting on stage because their form of art has been associated with obscenity and violence.

  • Poetry from Jakarta's Dark Side

    Poetry from Jakarta's Dark Side

    A poetic picture capturing father-daughter interactions with Jakarta's night-life as the backdrop.

  • Q Film Festival, a Decade On

    Q Film Festival, a Decade On

    Q Film Festival was again held in Jakarta, with a shift in focus from gay and lesbian issues to family matters.

  • Water Woes

    Water Woes

    The irony of this country is that it is a haven of water but that we are always experiencing water shortages. Every dry season we are confronted with the same sad situation. The farmers stare in despair at their dried-out fields. The vegetation all around them has withered from a lack of water. "Where can we find fodder for our livestock?" they demand.

  • Mendur and the Mood of the Revolution

    Mendur and the Mood of the Revolution

    Antara Photojournalism Gallery is holding another exhibit of the photographic works of the Mendur Brothers. This time it includes rarely published photos.

  • The Resilient Trio of Mantar

    The Resilient Trio of Mantar

    A story of three friends, full of ideals, set against the backdrop of educational adversity faced by a village in Sumbawa.

  • In Search of Knowledge

    In Search of Knowledge

    A documentary shows how the Orang Rimba in the heart of the jungle are motivated to learn.

  • Question Time

    Question Time

    Freedom of religious choice is highlighted in a new film. 

  • From Crocodile Meat to Poisonous Plants
  • Sabine’s Papua Song

    Sabine’s Papua Song

    A film about a young German girl who lived with a primitive tribe in Papua. The film left quite an impression on the German public.

  • ‘Don’t-Forget’ Stories

    ‘Don’t-Forget’ Stories

    Suriname photographer Matte Soemopawiro tells the live of Javanese descendants in Suriname who staunchly preserve their ancestral traditions.

  • Kemal and the Wrath of Fire Mountain
  • Images of Sorrow

    Images of Sorrow

    The Netherlands-based World Press Photo selected its top pictures of 2010. The dominant theme was violence and disasters.

  • Women’s Issues

    Women’s Issues

    Three documentaries from five young directors focus on women as the breadwinners of their households.

  • The Rebellious Movement of <I>Centhini</I> Rap

    The Rebellious Movement of Centhini Rap

    The phenomena of Javanese hip hop in Yogya can be read not only as a musical phenomenon, but a social one as well. That is what is presented in the film by Marzuki alias Kill The DJ.

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