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  • Traces of the Diary of a Wanderer

    Traces of the Diary of a Wanderer

    Antara Gallery recently held an exhibition of the travel photographs of an introvert who died young.

  • Wounds of the Immigrants

    Wounds of the Immigrants

    Photos of Indo citizens arriving in the Netherlands were exhibited at the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam. The problem is one of identity.

  • An Ode to Madame X

    An Ode to Madame X

    An entertaining film with spunk that discusses the marginalized transgender community.

  • Show of Intolerance
  • From a Multicolor Festival

    From a Multicolor Festival

    The 9th Q Film Festival lasted amid protests and criticisms by various circles.

  • <font face=arial size=2 color=#FF0000><b>John Stanmeyer:</b></font><br>I captured Gus Dur during his last days as president
  • Capturing Tradition with a <font color=#FF0000>Holga</font>

    Capturing Tradition with a Holga

    American photographer John Stanmeyer publishes a book on Bali titled Island of the Spirits. What sets him apart from other photographers?

  • Indonesian Pride, Hollywood Style

    Indonesian Pride, Hollywood Style

    A sequel to Merah Putih that shows Hollywood’s depiction of Indonesia’s pride.

  • Silence-Breaking Images

    Silence-Breaking Images

    Hilde Janssen and photographer Jan Banning recorded the experiences of 50 former jugun ianfu or comfort women in Indonesia.

  • Introducing the Republic

    Introducing the Republic

    A documentary film about cultural missions during the Sukarno era, which are often forgotten by historians.

  • <font size=2 color=#FF0000>Nelofer Pazira:</font><br />I only present the facts
  • Beauty in Disgrace 

    Beauty in Disgrace 

    A beautiful debut by Nelofer Pazira about the shame of traditional values in women’s liberation.

  • Standing Out, Fitting In

    Standing Out, Fitting In

    A story about Obama’s childhood in Indonesia. Is there any relevance with his success?

  • Border of Hope

    Border of Hope

    A family drama detailing the poverty of lives separated by borders.

  • <font color=#FF0000>Women</font> Have Issues

    Women Have Issues

    V Film Festival 2010 offered a variety of films by women directors dealing with issues ranging from pluralism, diversity, and youth identity to Shari’a Islam.

  • A Dialog between Two Lenses

    A Dialog between Two Lenses

    Two photographers from Indonesia and Mexico traded places. The results are natural and vibrant photos.

  • Bra Straps, Batik, and Gucci

    Bra Straps, Batik, and Gucci

    Aiko Urfia Rakhmi held a photo exhibition about laundry hung out to dry: a simple idea rich in possibilities, once the technical skills were achieved.

  • Chiou Thau, <font color=#CC0000>Chinese Wedding of Yore</font>
  • Building: A Story

    Building: A Story

    Teddy Soeriaatmadja’s latest film has many messages. It’s a youth adventure with flashbacks of the romantic colonial era and harsh Japanese occupation period.

  • <font color=#FF0000>Serious</font> Monkey <font color=#FF0000>Business</font>
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