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  • Colonial Times in a Frame of Beauty

    Colonial Times in a Frame of Beauty

    Alphons Hustinx captured 1930s Indonesia. A tourism promotion which also portrayed the dark colonial times.

  • <font size=2 color=#FF9900>DAVID ARNOLD: </font><br />Dede is never afraid of high waves
  • Cimaja’s Local Hero

    Cimaja’s Local Hero

    A documentary about a surfer from Pelabuhan Ratu won awards at the X-Dance Film Festival 2009 in Utah, USA.

  • <font color=#FF9900>Full Moon</font> in Tutup Ngisor
  • Of Flu and Feathered Friends

    Of Flu and Feathered Friends

    A number of photographers exhibited pictures illustrating the intimacy of our culture with birds at the Antara Gallery, Jakarta.

  • Thaksin’s World
  • In Chris John’s Kitchen
  • Crippled Ugo
  • Muchdi’s Glance
  • Evicted Child
  • A Pair’s Smiles
  • Nature’s Wrath
  • Seeking Height
  • Soaked but United
  • <font face=arial size=2 color=#BCBCBC><b>BEST PHOTO</b></font><br> <font size=3 face=arial><b> Rafi’s Story </b></font>
  • Cameras Speak Volumes
  • The City of Love

    The City of Love

    Tales that cross paths depict Paris. The beat of the city is felt from a man who is counting his days on earth. No unpredictable events, but amusing.

  • A Royal <font color=#FF6600>Nagabanda</font> Cremation in Bali
  • Celebrating the Urban Nusantao

    Celebrating the Urban Nusantao

    Goethe Haus Institut Jakarta presents a photo exhibition on Southeast Asia’s major cities, capturing human beings through the city structure and urban architect. These cities turn out to resemble one another.

  • Demmeni, Kartini and Colonialism

    Demmeni, Kartini and Colonialism

    Erasmus Huis Jakarta is exhibiting photos by Jean Demmeni, whose works on the Dutch Indies are popular in Holland.

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