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  •  Problematic Everywhere
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    Problematic Everywhere

    Several brands of coronavirus detection kits were found to be problematic not just in Indonesia. Negative detections turn out to be positive.

  • Messy Emergency Procurement
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    Messy Emergency Procurement

    Scores of hospitals sent back hundreds of thousands Covid-19 test kits from the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB). The Finance and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) discovered discrepancies of up to hundreds of thousand reagent kits recorded and distributed worth almost Rp40 billion up to September 2020. Meanwhile, the Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), which scrutinized procurement documents up to December 2020, discovered potential losses sustained by the state amounting to almost Rp170 billion. A businessman who enjoyed the largest portion of direct appointment for reagent procurements is a colleague of BNPB Chairman Doni Monardo. This investigation is made possible by a collaboration of Tempo with the Investigative Journalists Club and ICW.

  • Budiyanto’s Domination
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    Budiyanto’s Domination

    Budiyanto A. Gani is the biggest distributor of coronavirus test kits at the National Disaster Mitigation Agency. He claims it is not because he is close to Doni Monardo.

  • No Need to Test Products
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    No Need to Test Products

    Budiyanto A. Gani, the owner of Trimitra Wisesa Abadi is implicated in a Covid-19 reagent procurement scandal with the National Disaster Mitigation Agency. Initially, the company was a supplier of steam engines, turbines, pumps, and generators, as well as a contractor for buildings and luxury apartments. Talking to Tempo, Budiyanto openly explained his closeness to the chairman of the Covid-19 Taks Force Doni Modardo.

  • Deradicalize Papua

    Deradicalize Papua

    A reader proposes the path of deradicalization as an effort neutralize Papua’s problem.

  • I Don’t Tolerate Corruption
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    I Don’t Tolerate Corruption

    Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati dismissed two tax officials, Angin Prayitno Aji and Dadan Ramdani, both of whom were named as suspects by the KPK. She hopes that the case does not disrupt the annual tax returns reporting currently in progress.


  • Secret Tax Negotiations
    Cover Story

    Secret Tax Negotiations

    The Corruption Eradication Commission is scrutinizing alleged tax audit bribery by 165 companies. Only three cases have been elevated into an investigation status, with estimated corruption reaching to Rp50 billion. One of these companies is owned by coal businessman Andi Syamsuddin Arsyad, known as Haji Isam.


  • Echelon Two, Five Pandavas
    Cover Story

    Echelon Two, Five Pandavas

    Angin Prayitno Aji is reported to have been part of the “Five Pandavas” group at the tax office. He is believed to be the owner of resorts in Yogyakarta and Magelang.

  • The Not Disabled-Friendly Mall

    The Not Disabled-Friendly Mall

    Readers write their views on the not disabled-friendly mall and vaccine hoaxes.

  • Wushu Indonesia Board’s Right of Reply

    Wushu Indonesia Board’s Right of Reply

    Wushu Indonesia Board and Airlangga University write their right of reply, while Gabriel Maha makes clarification for the article on land dispute in East Nusa Tenggara.


  • I Was Dragged In, But I Do Not Withdraw
    Cover Story

    I Was Dragged In, But I Do Not Withdraw

    Arifin Wiguna, the President Commisioner of Dini Nusa Kusuma explains some difficulties his company experienced in their effort to finance a satelite project for the 123 degrees east longitude orbital slot. But he is confident that the fund will come very soon.

  • We Could Lose Our Orbital Slot Rights
    Cover Story

    We Could Lose Our Orbital Slot Rights

    Communication and Informatics Minister Johnny Gerard Plate said he has met with Dini Nusa Kusuma’s President Commissioner, Arifin Wiguna, to discuss the progress of satelite project for the 123 degrees east longitude orbital slot. As the International Telecommunication Union deadline approaches for Indonesia to orbit its satellite in that orbital slot by 2024, the project has yet to show positive developments.

  • The Names Behind DNK
    Cover Story

    The Names Behind DNK

    A number of businesspeople are believed to have supported Dini Nusa Kusuma. With the deadline approaching, the satellite project’s financing is still unclear.

  • A Message from General Scotch
    Cover Story

    A Message from General Scotch

    The satellite project to fill the 123 degrees east longitude orbital slot came to a standstill. Signs of problems in the tender three years ago emerged amid the absence of potential investors. 

  • What’s Important is that Vaccines are No Longer for Sale
    Cover Story

    What’s Important is that Vaccines are No Longer for Sale

    Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin confirms that there have been leaks in the Covid-19 vaccination program as well as data weaknesses. He also speaks about the security of the country’s vaccine supply.

  • Pelni Hospital’s Flyer Mishap
    Cover Story

    Pelni Hospital’s Flyer Mishap

    Pelni Hospital issued flyers with information on Covid-19 vaccine prices and registration for vaccination. State-owned enterprises ministry officials were infuriated.

  • Sputnik’s Letter
    Cover Story

    Sputnik’s Letter

    Businesspeople are lobbying the government to be allowed to perform independent vaccination. But there is a reluctance to provide free vaccination for employees.

  • Vaccine Opportunists
    Cover Story

    Vaccine Opportunists

    Non-health care professionals—including desk workers, socialites, bureaucrats, government officials, and family members of regional heads—were vaccinated in the first-stage vaccination program. Messy data is believed to be one of the causes of leaks in the vaccination program.

  • Semarang State University's Right of Reply

    Semarang State University's Right of Reply

    Semarang State University writes its right of reply for the cover story of Tempo of the February 15-21, 2021 edition, Honoris Causa For Sale.

  • There’s an Increase in Honorary Degrees Granting
    Cover Story

    There’s an Increase in Honorary Degrees Granting

    Higher Education Director-General Nizam explains the issue of honorary degrees granting and the ministry of education and culture’s stance.

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