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  • Potential Communal Conflicts
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    Potential Communal Conflicts

    The development of a coal mining road in Harapan Forest widens access for loggers. The forest’s biodiversity is under threat.

  • A Problematic Shortcut
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    A Problematic Shortcut

    THREE large trucks moved slowly on a road that was still muddy from the previous night’s rain, at the center of an acacia plantation owned by Bumi Persada Permai in Musi Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatra, on June 22.

  • Mining Road to Cut Through Sumatran Forest
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    Mining Road to Cut Through Sumatran Forest

    MINISTER of Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya Bakar gave the subsidiary of Rajawali Corpora, owned by tycoon Peter Sondakh, the permit to build a road for transporting coal in Harapan Forest in Jambi and South Sumatra. Before issuing the permit, Minister Siti even went as far as revising a regulation that would have prohibited building the road. The Harapan Forest restoration area, which is a natural habitat for Sumatra’s endemic animals, will be split by the 26-kilometer-long and 60-meter-wide road. Besides destroying trees in the secondary forest, at a value of over Rp400 billion, the mining road will also threaten biodiversity and indigenous communities, and will open the opportunity for illegal loggers to enter the restored production forest. This report is completed in collaboration with the Pulitzer Center, through the Rainforest Journalism Fund program.

  • The Tiger Day

    The Tiger Day

    WE celebrate the International Tiger Day on July 29. Why is it important?

  • Teungku Meulaboh’s Safe House
    Cover Story

    Teungku Meulaboh’s Safe House

    Umi Hanisah is the first woman in Aceh to found and lead an Islamic boarding school. At her school, children victims of sexual and domestic violence as well as armed conflict find refuge.

  • Keeping the Fire of Tolerance
    Cover Story

    Keeping the Fire of Tolerance

    Six Islamic teachers fight to nurture tolerance and equality. They preach from village to village, guiding their communities. They have been rejected and threatened, some have even been driven away, their schools attacked. But they refuse to give up and have consistently promoting interfaith harmony and equity. illustration: tempo/kendra paramita

  • Killer Professor Counters Radicals
    Cover Story

    Killer Professor Counters Radicals

    Alivermana Wiguna eliminated a radical group at his university. His student was sent as a spy.

  • Sharing and Qur’an Study
    Cover Story

    Sharing and Qur’an Study

    Ratna Ulfatul Fuadiyah combines religious teaching with economic empowerment. Religious teachings tend to be more easily accepted.

  • Preacher of Human Rights
    Cover Story

    Preacher of Human Rights

    Marzuki Wahid loudly voices his support for gender equality and equity. He co-founded an Islamic education institution focused on gender and human rights studies.

  • Responding to Stones with Tofu
    Cover Story

    Responding to Stones with Tofu

    Irwan Masduqi’s Islamic boarding school in Yogyakarta was nearly torched because he loudly spoke up for tolerance. His school accepts non-Muslim students.

  • A New Light for a Boarding School Community
    Cover Story

    A New Light for a Boarding School Community

    Najmatul Millah and her husband built an Islamic boarding school in Jember, East Java, which features a more formal curriculum. She spreads the word about fulfilling women’s rights.

  • The Basis of Power Cut-off

    The Basis of Power Cut-off

    I would like to request an explanation about the rule or legal basis of the electricity cut-off by the state electricity company PLN that has involved a consumer like me, after being late for the payment of the bill in June, only to be followed on July 7 by the power cut-off in my house.

  • Many People are Unhappy
    Cover Story

    Many People are Unhappy

    State-Owned Enterprises Minister Erick Thohir:

  • A New Business Plan for SOEs
    Cover Story

    A New Business Plan for SOEs

    The SOEs ministry will continue to scale back the number of state-owned companies. Many of them have been running inefficiently.

  • The Minister’s Smile on Aid Packages
    Cover Story

    The Minister’s Smile on Aid Packages

    Erick Thohir’s name is being discussed as a potential presidential candidate. Several political parties are considering to nominate him for the 2024 election.

  • The ‘Chairman’s’ Gift
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    The ‘Chairman’s’ Gift

    Erick Thohir appoints political party members as commissioners. The appointments are considered to be imbalanced.

  • The Brother’s Footprints in South Merdeka
    Cover Story

    The Brother’s Footprints in South Merdeka

    SOEs Minister Erick Thohir refuses PDI-P politician Adian Napitupulu’s recommendations for SOEs commissioner positions. Erick claims he has received numerous recommendations for commissioner candidates from other ministries and institutions. His brother, Boy Thohir, is believed to be involved in SOEs official appointments.

  • The Distance Education System

    The Distance Education System

    The new school year started on July 13, 2020. As a parent with children of primary school age, I was pleased when the government decided to put off the back-to-school period until the end of 2020 and to push schools to implement the distance learning system.

  • How Did We Miss It?
    Cover Story

    How Did We Miss It?

    Minister of Justice and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly explained why a corruption case fugitive like Joko Tjandra can enter the country without any problem at the immigration check point.

  • It’s A Lie If the Government Claims to Be Unaware that Joko Tjandra Is in Malaysia
    Cover Story

    It’s A Lie If the Government Claims to Be Unaware that Joko Tjandra Is in Malaysia

    Bank Bali fugitive Joko Soegiarto Tjandra’s return home in July caused public uproar. His lawyer, Anita Kolopaking, explained why Joko prefer to stay in Malaysia.

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