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  • Komodo Premium Tourism is Very Appropriate
    Cover Story

    Komodo Premium Tourism is Very Appropriate

    An interview with David Makes, the president commissioner of PT Segara Komodo Lestari, who is also head of the tourism and creative economy ministry’s national ecotourism acceleration team.

  • Cockatoos and Heavy Machinery
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    Cockatoos and Heavy Machinery

    The management of Komodo National Park’s wildlife tourism will not only impact the area’s famed prehistoric animals and local communities living in its larger islands. Critically endangered endemic birds will also be exposed to the loud noise of heavy machinery.

  • A Business Trio in Komodo
    Cover Story

    A Business Trio in Komodo

    Three companies received concessions to manage the Komodo National Park, specifically, to manage wildlife tourism for different classes.

  • Si Komo’s Uncertain Fate
    Cover Story

    Si Komo’s Uncertain Fate

    The government wishes to reform tourism facilities in the Komodo National Park in West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara, by working with private investors. Islands that are home to the Komodo dragon and yellow-crested cockatoo will be polished for premium wildlife safari, like those in Africa. The membership fee will be US$1,000, or Rp14.5 million per person, with the number of tourists limited to 50,000 annually. Without the blessing of the United Nations and a study on the venture’s impact on endangered species, not to mention the plan to relocate businesses owned by local communities, the public works and people’s housing ministry is building roads on Rinca Island. One company has even begun building an office on Padar Island. This arrangement also alters one island’s spatial plan by encroaching into its public space.

  • Endless Shifts at the Front lines
    Cover Story

    Endless Shifts at the Front lines

    Testing and tracing are vital in the effort to contain the spread of Covic-19. With cases numbering in the hundreds of thousands, health workers tasked with conducting swab tests and analyzing samples in the laboratory face long and grueling work hours, the risk of infection, and with little hope for rest, even on weekends. Tracers face animosity from positive patients, although that is not enough to break their spirit.

  • Combating Contagion with Data
    Cover Story

    Combating Contagion with Data

    Wrestling with data, epidemiologists have made analyses which they compounded into policy briefs for the regional and central governments. Some suggestions were executed, but many were ignored. The government is considered to have let pass the golden period in which to handle the pandemic.

  • Researchers Grinding Away
    Cover Story

    Researchers Grinding Away

    The pandemic makes Indonesian scientists go all out in facing the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Research, literature reviews, and virtual meetings are being done almost constantly. The situation demands they study and master new techniques.

  • Heroes in the Pandemic
    Cover Story

    Heroes in the Pandemic

    Indonesia’s efforts to mitigate the Covid-19 pandemic have continued to teeter since the disease began spreading in the country in March. The implementation of test-tracing-treatment (‘3T’) that falls far below the World Health Organization (WHO) standards has caused new, increasingly uncontrollable transmission chains. The pandemic rages on, and victims continue to fall. Amid these uncertain conditions, those fighting against Covid-19 stand in the front lines. Contact tracers, laboratory analysts, doctors and nurses, scientists and epidemiologists work hand in hand to curb the spread of the disease. These individuals work hard in spite of various limitations. Often enough, lives are lost.

  • A Healers’ Triathlon
    Cover Story

    A Healers’ Triathlon

    The Covid-19 pandemic, at first predicted to last only a few months, has not yet come to an end. Doctors are working together to treat patients infected with the new virus, fully aware that they are vulnerable to infection and even death, like hundreds of their colleagues. As of December 24, as many as 224 doctors and 15 dentists had died from Covid-19. While no specific cure is yet available, doctors continue to fight although they could have chosen to leave the battlefield.

  • Behind the Hazmat Suit
    Cover Story

    Behind the Hazmat Suit

    Within the walls of Covid-19 referral hospitals, hundreds of thousands of nurses take care of patients and assist doctors in treating those stricken by the pneumonia-inducing virus. They work for eight to 12 hours every day in their uncomfortably stuffy hazardous materials (hazmat) suit, leaving families behind and facing risk of deadly infection. Until December 23, 4,294 nurses have tested positive for the coronavirus, 159 of them did not survive. The Indonesian Nurses Association said the profession is yet to receive the proper recognition it deserves.

  • Time for A Change
  • Social Aid Kickbacks for the Bull Party
    Cover Story

    Social Aid Kickbacks for the Bull Party

    Social Affairs Minister Juliari Batubara’s team members are allegedly collecting fees from companies appointed to provide social aid packages. Newly established companies were appointed by the team. The social aid project is said to be controlled by a number of politicians and state officials. There is indication that some of the money went to regional head candidates from the PDI-P.

  • One-Day Rice
    Cover Story

    One-Day Rice

    AFTER one day, the rice Rina cooked had gone bad. The resident of Duren Sawit in East Jakarta was surprised by the quality of rice she obtained in the social aid package distributed by the social affairs ministry.

  • Social Aid Bags at election campaigns
    Cover Story

    Social Aid Bags at election campaigns

    The social affairs ministry’s Covid-19 social aid was allegedly used to support regional head candidates during the elections. The PDI-P benefited the most.

  • Learning the Non-natural Disaster

    Learning the Non-natural Disaster

    THERE bound to be problems in online learning system be it from the participants, teachers or parents. As this online system is a new transformation of learning, many things need to be adjusted to present conditions.

  • A Feast That Ends in Prison
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    A Feast That Ends in Prison

    Police arrested Muhammad Rizieq Shihab for violating social distancing protocols. The FPI sees the accusation as far-fetched.

  • The Megamendung Post’s Secret Code
    Cover Story

    The Megamendung Post’s Secret Code

    Muhammad Rizieq bin Hussein Shihab’s time at the Alam Agrokultural Islamic Boarding School in Megamendung, Puncak, Bogor Regency, West Java, has been leisurely.

  • A Black Land Cruiser at Kilometer 50
    Cover Story

    A Black Land Cruiser at Kilometer 50

    Six Islam Defenders Front members died from gunshot wounds, all in the left chest. Prior, they were allegedly involved in a gunfight with the police, who had been following them from Rizieq Shihab’s home in Sentul, Bogor, West Java. According to witnesses and crime scene investigation, the victims were still alive when they were apprehended.

  • Sanctions for Rejecting Covid-19 Patients

    Sanctions for Rejecting Covid-19 Patients

    IS it unlawful for hospitals rejecting Covid-19 patients? Article 32 paragraph 2 of Law No. 36/2009 on health prohibits hospitals from rejecting patients in emergency condition.

  • Yasmine Rubaya’s Right to Reply

    Yasmine Rubaya’s Right to Reply

    Tempo magazine of the July 13, 2020 edition, page 45, published an article entitled “Business Deal Gone Wrong”.

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