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  • A Message from Malaysia
    Cover Story

    A Message from Malaysia

    Joko Tjandra used his networks to lobby law enforcers in Indonesia. His networks include a coordinating minister and the Malaysian attorney general.

  • The one who got away
    Cover Story

    The one who got away

    Fugitive in the Bank Bali debt case, Joko Soegiarto Tjandra, evaded immigration records when he entered and left Indonesia. The Attorney General’s Office and National Police blame each other. The Interpol National Central Bureau may have been behind the red notice’s revocation.

  • New Normal Face Masks and Helmets

    New Normal Face Masks and Helmets

    OVER the last week our family has become even more wary following reports about the number of patients tested positive for Covid-19 reaching 2,000 and even more.

  • The Land Transfer of RRI

    The Land Transfer of RRI

    The Tempo magazine wrote about the land transfer of Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) to the religious affairs ministry in its June 30-July 6, 2020 edition in an article titled Up in the Air for RRI. I would like to comment on this report.

  • Keeping Track is Better Than Smuggling
    Cover Story

    Keeping Track is Better Than Smuggling

    Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Edhy Prabowo

  • The Curious Case of  Lobster Exports
    Cover Story

    The Curious Case of Lobster Exports

    One month after the lobster larva export was reopened, exporters have begun delivering packages to Vietnam. Various issues were brought to light.

  • The Season for Larvae Hunters
    Cover Story

    The Season for Larvae Hunters

    The export wave for lobster larvae has begun. Some exporting companies are affiliated with political party officials and former smugglers.

  • Police’s Odd Requests
    Cover Story

    Police’s Odd Requests

    The police rejected reports of hacking and cyberterrorism from Lampung University activists. Other cases of terrorism are at a standstill.

  • Fictitious Orders For Activists
    Cover Story

    Fictitious Orders For Activists

    Perpetrators of cyberterrorism against activists are exploiting weaknesses in online motorcycle taxi apps. These apps failed to detect repeated fake orders.

  • Intelligence’s Flying Horse
    Cover Story

    Intelligence’s Flying Horse

    The intelligence agency has numerous sophisticated surveillance tools at their disposal, including one made by an Israeli company. There is concern that these tools may be misused.

  • Ghost Protocol Against Activists
    Cover Story

    Ghost Protocol Against Activists

    Cyberattacks were launched against activists critical of government policies. Cyberterrorists are hacking WhatsApp and social media accounts, not to mention stealing and circulating personal data. It is likely that the hackers hijacked messages containing one-time-passwords sent by WhatsApp. Tempo investigates into these acts of cyberterrorism.

  • Sexual Abuse at Depok Church

    Sexual Abuse at Depok Church

    I have followed the coverage of Tempo about the case of sexual abuse occurring at Herkulanus Parish in Depok, West Java. I feel grateful and salute the courage of Tempo to publish this fairly sensitive article.

  • Not Ready for Risk-Taking
    Cover Story

    Not Ready for Risk-Taking

    The government will soon determine participating banks for channeling funds to support banking liquidity. But the plan may be an ineffective and ineffecient way to restore the economy.

  • Don’t Say We Threw the Towel in the Ring
    Cover Story

    Don’t Say We Threw the Towel in the Ring

    Bosowa Corporindo President Commissioner Erwin Aksa

  • Bukopin’s Predicament
    Cover Story

    Bukopin’s Predicament

    Bukopin’s liquidity shortage accompanies the commotion around the plan to inject the bank with more capital. The financial system’s stability may be under threat.

  • Bosowa-Kalla’s Last chance
    Cover Story

    Bosowa-Kalla’s Last chance

    Bosowa Corporation is attempting to maintain control over Bank Bukopin, which is one step away from being handed over to Kookmin Bank. Due to Bank Bukopin’s worsening liquidity, it has become increasingly urgent to inject more capital into the bank. Bukopin’s chronic illness came to the surface due to loan issues with companies affiliated with the Kalla group and Bosowa.

  • Tin Zuraida’s Right of Reply

    Tin Zuraida’s Right of Reply

    TEMPO magazine of the June 9-15, 2020 edition published an article, The Unlucky 13th Hideout.

  • One Foot in the Coalition
    Cover Story

    One Foot in the Coalition

    The government coalition suffers from a fracture. Decisions are influenced by interests having to do with the 2024 election.

  • My Father-in-Law Does Not Wish to Restrict Me
  • My Competitors are My Friends and My Kin
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