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Edition 09 July 2018


  • Garlic Importers in Trouble

    Garlic Importers in Trouble

    A sugar baron is implicated in the misuse of a garlic import permit. The police were alerted by suspicious packaging labels.

  • Riady's Business at a Falter

    Riady's Business at a Falter

    With liquidity challenged, Lippo Karawaci has to rely on property asset sales. The future of the Riady family business lies in the hands of a massive integrated zone development project.

  • No Progress in Meikarta

    No Progress in Meikarta

    Lippo's megaproject, touted as the residential complex of the future, has come to a standstill. The project, worth hundreds of trillions of rupiah, is faced with numerous problems.

  • Havana Tobacco from Java

    Havana Tobacco from Java

    A retired tobacco company employee built a cigar business. He is now penetrating the international market.

  • Determination in Mandalika

    Determination in Mandalika

    At Kuta Beach, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, young boys could be seen offering their ware.

  • Development Area Patchwork

    Development Area Patchwork

    The development of a number of special economic zones missed the target. Land is still a problematic issue.

  • Banks Go Digital

    Banks Go Digital

    Some banks are offering banking services through digital smartphone applications. They are challenging conventional services provided by major banks.

  • Tinkering With The Draft Mining Law

    Tinkering With The Draft Mining Law

    The government and parliament will soon discuss a revision of the Mineral and Coal Mining Law. A number of articles trigger controversy.

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