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  • Moving Forward Amid Doubts

    Moving Forward Amid Doubts

    Indonesia’s banking industry shows an increased commitment to sustainable business principles. But the road to green banking still lies for many miles ahead.

  • Embarking on Green vehicles

    Embarking on Green vehicles

    Sale of electric cars in Indonesia is still at the bare minimum level. The government is trying to create a conducive industrial ecosystem, from upstream to downstream.

  • Giant Solar Panels and Carbon Colors

    Giant Solar Panels and Carbon Colors

    The manufacturing industry is sporadically moving towards environmentally-friendly factories. Support comes from giant investments from multinational business networks.

  • Post-Pandemic Picnic

    Post-Pandemic Picnic

    The tourism business relies on the implementation of health protocols. Nature tourism will be the trend for travels next year.

  • Blessing in Disguise

    Blessing in Disguise

    Green startups pushing environmentally friendly products are growing amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The road ahead is difficult, but there are significant opportunities along the way.

  • Tanoto’s Factories Under the spotlight

    Tanoto’s Factories Under the spotlight

    Indonesia’s tax and customs team is following up reports on alleged profit shifting of a pulp company affiliated to tycoon Sukanto Tanoto. There are opportunities to re-check tax amnesty documents.

  • Big money to Spend

    Big money to Spend

    The government aims to accelerate the downstream process of coal products through development schemes. High costs and market uncertainties prompt entrepreneurs to prepare proposals for utilization patterns.

  • The High Cost of Substitute Goods

    The High Cost of Substitute Goods

    The first coal gasification project will commence by involving two state-owned enterprises. The high risk led to a lengthy discussion for cooperation schemes.

  • Trickling Return of  the Offshore Fund
  • Racing against Patimban

    Racing against Patimban

    The plan to operate Patimban Port raised concerns of a market war with Tanjung Priok Port. Pelindo II has chosen to focus on improvements.

  • The Renewed Spirit of Rebana

    The Renewed Spirit of Rebana

    The government prepares to develop the areas around Patimban Port, by involving regional administration and the private sector.

  • Japanese Port Project in West Java

    Japanese Port Project in West Java

    The consortium under Chairul Tanjung is one step away from being the operator of the Patimban Port. Pelindo II’s ambitions were crashed long before the bidding began.

  • Rupiah, Hostage of Interest Rate
    Market Pulse

    Rupiah, Hostage of Interest Rate

    When things go awry, the US dollar and gold will be the shelters of choices. Such is tradition in the financial market.

  • Bittersweet Regulations

    Bittersweet Regulations

    The government will restructure regulations of refined sugar imports. However, the ministry of industry’s draft regulation is deemed not in line with the cabinet meeting, which had aimed to give direct import licenses to industry users. There are regulations which can potentially make this sector increasingly oligopolistic.

  • Food and Beverage Industry’s Worries

    Food and Beverage Industry’s Worries

    The food and beverage industry is pushing the government to issue import permits on refined sugar due to uncertain supplies for early 2021.

  • Post-Trump Emerging Markets’ Exuberance
  • Flourishing Amid the Pandemic

    Flourishing Amid the Pandemic

    Electronic money usage continues to surge during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is believed to accelerate the digitalization of the payment system.

  • Rupiah’s Journey through the Ages

    Rupiah’s Journey through the Ages

    The rupiah is turning 74 on October 30. Born as the marker of a newly independent country, this currency has recorded the Republic’s political journey. Now the advancement of technology is forcing it to adjust.

  • A Giant Step for the Chinese Ant
  • State Money, Private Management

    State Money, Private Management

    The establishment of the Indonesia Investment Authority is just a matter of waiting for government regulations. It is the key product of the omnibus law, expected to be a vehicle for foreign investors to put in money in the country.

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