• A Roundabout Route to the Market

    A Roundabout Route to the Market

    Amidst the digital banking trend, the strategy of state financial services companies expand the conventional way. Their goal is the same: efficiency, and bolstering the reach of their services.

  • Ahead of Rules

    Ahead of Rules

    Supported by the capital strength of technology companies, a number of banks are preparing to become digital banks. Regulations are running behind.

  • A Flood of Dollars from Biden
    Market Pulse

    A Flood of Dollars from Biden

    Yopie Hidayat


  • Awaiting Cure for Sriwijaya

    Awaiting Cure for Sriwijaya

    The crash of flight SJ-182 is expected to put Sriwijaya Air under immense pressure and the shadows of heaping old debts. 

  • Together We Ignore the Danger
    Market Pulse

    Together We Ignore the Danger

    Yopie Hidayat (Contributor)


  • The Mystery of SJ-182 Flight

    The Mystery of SJ-182 Flight

    The aviation authorities discussed a number of factors related to the crash of Sriwijaya Air Flight SJ-182. The pilot was profiled and new information about suspected damage to the plane was examined

  •  After the Capitol Building Fell
  • The Nickel King Ambition

    The Nickel King Ambition

    The government is making plenty of efforts to attract investment in battery manufacturing, chasing the ambition to become a major player in the global electric car industry. State-owned energy companies are consolidated to serve as partner of global investors with interests in Indonesia’s nickel reserves.

  • We Want Electric Vehicle Investments from Upstream to Downstream

    We Want Electric Vehicle Investments from Upstream to Downstream

    Investment Coordinating Board Chief Bahlil Lahadalia explains the negotiation process with LG Energy Solution. This South Korean company commits to invest US$9.8 billion to build electric car battery production center.

  • Between Hopes and Problems

    Between Hopes and Problems

    Investment in electric vehicle is spreading to mining business. Industry players are waiting for a policy to uphold the principles of fairness and sustainability.

  • An Optimism that Might Go Up In Smoke
  • Playing Against the World

    Playing Against the World

    The ongoing pandemic is a blessing in disguise for subscription-based video platforms. Local service providers are going after niche market to compete and survive amid the dominance of global players.

  • A Lifeboat for Local Filmmakers

    A Lifeboat for Local Filmmakers

    The business of video-on-demand service provider is becoming a new opportunity for the local production houses to create different contents.

  • We Are Ready to Pay Out

    We Are Ready to Pay Out

    Robertus Bilitea, chief executive officer, Indonesian Financial Group

  • Legal Exit

    Legal Exit

    A number of policyholders rejected the restructuring scheme offered by Jiwasraya. A wave of lawsuits may lead to banks that distributed the problematic insurance plans.

  • An Absurd Exuberance Continues in The New Year
  • A Tale of Two Markets
    Market Pulse

    A Tale of Two Markets

    Yopie Hidayat (Contributor)

  • Tobacco’s Winding Road Map

    Tobacco’s Winding Road Map

    The battle between health advocates and tobacco supporters is intensifying as the deadline for setting excise duties is approaching. Tobacco products’ industrial road map is still stuck at the ministerial level. The ministry of national development planning went ahead with conducting studies.

  • Lost Glory of the Past

    Lost Glory of the Past

    Some tobacco farmers are switching to different commodities. They are cornered by regulation and poor trade system.

  • Half Hearted Induction Stoves

    Half Hearted Induction Stoves

    The government and PLN are promoting the use of electric stoves to reduce LPG consumption. Initial procurement cost proves to be a barrier for consumers.

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