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Edition 18 December 2018

Cover Story

  • Less Than Desirable Effect

    Four months into his vice-presidential candidacy, some consider Ma’ruf Amin as contributing little to Joko Widodo’s popularity.

  • Weak Support from Muhammadiyah

    Ma’ruf Amin has not been a strong magnet for Muslim circles. Jokowi has taken it upon himself to approach Muhammadiyah voters.

  • The Kyai’s Slim Impact

    Joko Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin’s National Campaign Team is of the opinion that the Kyai (Muslim leader) has not significantly impacted the popularity.

  • I Always Downplay the Anti-Islam Issue

    WHEN he was appointed as President Joko Widodo’s candidate running mate in August, Kiai Haji Ma’ruf Amin immediately stepped on the gas.

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