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Edition 16 July 2019


  • A Blacksmith Resurfaces

    A Blacksmith Resurfaces

    A fugitive since 2003, Para Wijayanto, who is believed to be a leader of the Jamaah Islamiyah, is arrested. There is not yet any evidence that he is going to commit any acts of terror.

  • An Engineer from Kalijati

    An Engineer from Kalijati

    Para Wijayanto evaded the police for 16 years. During that time he managed to get a comfortable job.

  • Heir to the Terror Network

    Heir to the Terror Network

    FOUNDED in 1993, Al-Jamaah al-Islamiyah, also known as Jamaah Islamiyah (JI), was involved in a number of terror attacks committed in Indonesia.

  • The Questionable Eavesdropping Bill

    The Questionable Eavesdropping Bill

    The DPR aims to speed the deliberation of the bill on wiretapping. It has the potential to weaken the anti-corruption commission KPK.

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