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  • A New Hope

    A New Hope

    After winning the 100-meter sprint at the IAAF World U20 Championships, Lalu Mohammad Zohri will be competing in the relay race at the 2018 Asian Games. The relay team’s fastest runner once had no interest in athletics.

  • An Old Stadium's New Face

    An Old Stadium's New Face

    The World Cup is the biggest event ever held at the Luzhniki Stadium-a historical place that has witnessed the flowering of Russia's sports and elite athletes.

  • The Hunt for Extreme Sports Gold

    The Hunt for Extreme Sports Gold

    ANDHIKA Alfarisi was delightfully surprised when he finally managed to pull off a difficult skateboarding trick, prompting his friends to cheer and congratulate him. That afternoon at the Pasupati Skate Park in Bandung, Andhika performed the 'hard flip' for the very first time, combining several tricks in one feat.

  • Indonesia's Double Win

    Indonesia's Double Win

    Indonesia can be proud of the report from Fuzhou, China, two weeks ago. Indonesian badminton athletes grabbed two top titles in the China Open Super Series Premier 2016. Men's doubles pair Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo/Marcus Fernaldi Gideon and mixed doubles pair Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir were triumphant in the foreign arena.

    Kevin/Marcus appeared first in the badminton tournament held at the Haixia Olympic Sports Center, Fuzhou, on Sunday two weeks ago. Indonesia's second-ranked men's doubles pair managed to win two straight games over Denmark's men's doubles Mathias Boe/Carsten Mogensen, 21-18, 22-20.

  • Young Champions

    Young Champions

    The dominance of Azzahra Permatahani, 14, as a swimmer was on full display during the 2016 National Games (PON) competition two weeks ago. At the Indonesia University of Education in Bandung, the Riau-born athlete beat her rivals in the 400-meter individual freestyle category.

    Her French instructor David Armandoni predicted her victory. "Her freestyle technique is excellent," he said. In the final 100-meter lap, Azzahra was untouchable, leaving her competitors far behind and finishing in a PON-record of 4 minutes and 54.88 seconds. The last record was held for 23 years by Elsa Manora Nasution.

  • Indonesian Gold

    Indonesian Gold

    Indonesia at long last claimed Olympic gold in badminton. Intense preparation and mental strength were the key to success for the Tontowi-Liliyana mixed team.

  • <font face=arial size=1 color=#FF0000><B>Manor Racing Executive Director Abdulla Boulsien : </B></font><br /><font face=arial size=2>It's Rio's Chance to Reach the Highest Level</font>

    Manor Racing Executive Director Abdulla Boulsien : It's Rio's Chance to Reach the Highest Level

    In early February, when the future of Indonesian racer Rio Haryanto in Formula 1 was in doubt, Manor Racing executive director Abdulla Boulsien visited Indonesia. He met with Minister of Youth and Sports Imam Nahrawi and Pertamina, the state-owned oil company sponsoring Rio. Following the meetings, Boulsien declined to comment.

    Now after the speculation is over and Rio has secured a Manor seat, Abdulla Boulsien agreed to correspond with Tempo by email. He replied to several questions regarding the recruitment process for Rio and another new racer Pascal Wehrlein.

  • At the Starting Line

    At the Starting Line

    As he entered turn four at the Catalunya circuit in Barcelona, Spain, during a Formula 1 preseason test race two weeks ago, Rio Haryanto had to make a split decision to control of the car. He decided to adjust the differential settings.

    Alas, the move turned out to be a mistakea small mistake, but one with serious consequences. The car spun out of control as its speed plunged from 250 kilometers to 140 kilometers per hour. "I was wrong. I wanted to maintain both speed and trip," Rio said when contacted by phone in Singapore last Thursday.

  • All in For Rio

    All in For Rio

    Rio Haryanto, 23, is still pinching himself. On March 20, he will suit up against fellow Formula 1 racers Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen and Jenson Buttonall champions of the F1 racing circuit. "I still feel I'm dreaming," said Rio, who spoke over the phone in Singapore last Thursday.

    Sitting behind the steering wheel of a Formula 1 racing car is a dream for many youngsters. It is still the big leagues of racing. But the number of seats is limited. This year, there are only 22. Newcomers have to pay to reserve their slots.

  • FIFA Crackdown

    FIFA Crackdown

    On May 27, 2015, at 6am the streets of Zurich were quiet. A receptionist at the Baur au Lac Hotel called up to a room occupied by a FIFA official. "Sir," said the receptionist in English, "Open the door for us or we'll be forced to break it down."

  • Stressing Over Blatter Problems

    Stressing Over Blatter Problems

    Indonesian Football will die." That's the opinion of Hardimen Koto, a former reporter, now an agent for football players. Hardimen expressed bitterness when asked about the Youth and Sport Minister's decision to suspend the All-Indonesia Football Association (PSSI) on April 18. For Hardimen, such government intervention will end up in a penalty from the World Football Federation (FIFA), which in turn would isolate and therefore emasculate Indonesian football.

  • Suspended Over Two Clubs

    Suspended Over Two Clubs

    THE Ministry of Youth and Sport suspended the All-Indonesia Football Association [PSSI] on April 17. The suspension came about after the PSSI continued to allow the Arema Cronus and Persebaya Surabaya clubs to play in the Indonesian Super League (LSI) competition, despite the murky status of their ownership and players. In fact, the Indonesian Professional Sports Body (BOPI), the Ministry of Youth and Sport organization tasked with supervising professional sports in Indonesia, had specifically not recommended these two clubs to compete. BOPI held that there were two teams named Arema and two teams named Persebaya. One instance of dual entity derives from a copyright suit; the other is an unsettled remnant from the days when Indonesia had two national football leagues, the Indonesian Premier League (LPI) and LSI.

  • Game Over PSSI

    Game Over PSSI

    The Minister for Youth and Sport Imam Nahrawi's eyes glazed over. In his hand was the banana he was snacking on. Gatot S. Dewa Broto, his Deputy Minister for Harmonization and Partnerships, sat with him at his office on the 10th floor of the Minstry of Youth and Sport's building in Senayan, Jakarta, on Thursday, two weeks ago. A second later Imam queried him, "Pak Gatot, did you know Pak JK (Vice President Jusuf Kalla) asked me to go with him to the congress?"

  • Seeking Glory On Their Own

    Seeking Glory On Their Own

    With only US$270 in his pocket, Indonesia's top-ranked tennis player, Christopher Rungkat, decided to fly from Manila to Yangoon late in March last year. A US$180 plane ticket got him there, and with some US$80 left, Christo-as he is called for short-would see how long he could last.

  • The Bridge Champions

    The Bridge Champions

    When heavy rains fall, the river behind Eddy Manoppo's house in Manado overflows. Water floods the living room where Eddy, Henky Lasu and their friends play bridge.

    No matter. They just lift their legs onto their chairs and keep on playing.

  • The Coach Makes the Badminton Pair

    The Coach Makes the Badminton Pair

    Nitya Krishinda Maheswari shed tears. The Indonesian national badminton doubles player could not contain her emotions. The Asian Games 2014 gold medal she had just won with Greysia Polii seemed to hurl her back to bitter memories of years past.

    "When I was down, the only one who consoled me was my family," Nitya, 25, told Tempo at the Gyeyang Gymnasium, in Incheon, South Korea, on Sunday last week. Of course she did not overlook her partner on the field, Greysia Polii. In two years of spartan workouts at their training center in Cipayung, Jakarta, they faced harsh criticism for their poor performance.

  • Sportama Versus the Grendes

    Sportama Versus the Grendes

    Amid the jubilation over his daughter's victory at the Wimbledon girls' doubles championships, Olivier Grende faces trouble back home in Indonesia. He has been asked by Sportama, an athlete development and management foundation, to pay off loans amounting to Rp528 million. The deadline: the end of August.

    The problem began when Tami Grende, Olivier's daughter, stopped participating in tournaments in 2012 due to his inability to pay for them. In early 2013, Sportama came into the picture, offering Tami a three-year contract that would provide for her to compete in various tournaments. In return, Sportama would have exclusive rights to organize her activities. Tami, whose mother is Balinese, would live in Jakarta and train at the Sportama tennis academy. The foundation would also pay for her education and transportation expenses. Olivier agreed, and Tami was back in business.

  • Bali's World-Class Tennis Player

    Bali's World-Class Tennis Player

    Unlike other teenagers in Denpasar, Bali, Tami Grende will not be found at the popular franchise outlets many of them frequent after school. As soon as the last bell rings at 3pm, the 17-year-old girl dashes home to prepare for yet another routine: practicing tennis strokes with her father, Olivier Grende. They go until 7pm.

    The tennis court Tami and her father use lies just 200 meters from their house in Suwung, Denpasar. In the same field, Tami usually begins her day under the red morning sun with jogging and agility drills. Then she leaves for school. Tami has been doing this since she was eight.

  • <font face=arial size=2 color=#ff9900>Zico:</font><br />Brazil has an 85 percent chance of winning

    Zico:Brazil has an 85 percent chance of winning

    To Pele, there's only one best player in the universe and that is himself. Even Diego Maradona, in his view, is inferior. But Pele has a totally different opinion of Zico, a fellow player in the Brazilian national team. "Alongside myself, Zico was one of the best player in Brazil," said the legend, at one point. Zico himself, whose full name is Arthur Antunes Coimbra, does not mind being called the 'White Pele.'

    Long before there was Neymar Jr, who is predicted to be the star at the upcoming 2014 World Cup championship, Zico, 61, was Brazil's beloved footballer. At the 1982 World Cup, he played with other great players, among them Socrates (who died three years ago), and was acknowledged as the player with the most beautiful moves. At the time, the Selecaoas the Brazilian national team is knownwas regarded as the best team on the face of the earth. Before hanging up his cleats for good, Zico played one more time to defend Brazil's 1986 World Cup title.

  • 'Iron Men' of the Sea

    'Iron Men' of the Sea

    Young Aero and Aqsa are Indonesia's first jet skiers to set world records. Nearly two decades of hard work led up to the achievements.

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