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Edition 08 June 2018

  • Soccer and the Presence of Muslim Athletes

    Soccer and the Presence of Muslim Athletes

    The world of soccer is undergoing a paradigm shift with more Muslim players lending color to different leagues.

  • Minorities Victimized By Politics

    Minorities Victimized By Politics

    Followers of minority religions and faiths are still discriminated against. The political elite are at the root of the problem.

  • Should Corruptors Return To Office?

    Should Corruptors Return To Office?

    Former corruption convicts are clearly unfit to represent the people. It's high time lawmakers revised the election law.

  • Waqf Funds for Micro Businesses

    Waqf Funds for Micro Businesses

    Micro waqf banks will help boost financial inclusion. It is important they accurately identify prospective customers.

  • After Salah’s Prayer
    Cover Story

    After Salah’s Prayer

    IN only a year, Mohamed Salah successfully changed the perception towards Islam from the pitch. Muslim soccer players are viewed to be capable of staying out of trouble due to abstinence from alcohol and gambling. Meanwhile, radical groups keep throwing threats since they view soccer as prohibited in Islam.

  • Hoping for Goals from the Arabian Peninsula
    Cover Story

    Hoping for Goals from the Arabian Peninsula

    For the first time, four teams from the Arabian Peninsula are competing in the World Cup. This is a stepping stone for Saudi Arabia to develop its soccer business.

  • Fasting Before The Real Match
    Cover Story

    Fasting Before The Real Match

    Amidst the tight schedule of practice and friendly matches, some muslim soccer players are still fasting during Ramadan. There are special tricks to help maintain their stamina.

  • Waiting for a New Salah in Russia
    Cover Story

    Waiting for a New Salah in Russia

    THE 2018 World Cup event, held in Russia, will become the forum where a number of Muslim players, whose countries have succeeded in entering this prestigious four-yearly tournament, would be able to prove themselves.

  • A Beneficial Alternative to Loan Sharks

    A Beneficial Alternative to Loan Sharks

    The Financial Services Authority set a target of 40 micro wakaf banks to be set up this year. They are meant to eliminate economic disparity and poverty among disadvantaged communities in rural areas.

  • Easy Loan, Low Interests

    Easy Loan, Low Interests

    A micro wakaf bank at Tebuireng Islamic Boarding School is aiming at female entrepreneurs and women planning to start a business. Customers are requesting for an increase in the loan ceiling.

  • National


    Our Homes are Destroyed

    Discrimination against religious minorities is rooted in the past, during Sukarno’s reign. It continues due to neglect by the government and is exploited as a political commodity.


  • National

    Still a Second Class Citizen

    Following the Constitutional Court's decision, adherents of non-mainstream faiths are still subjected to discrimination. The government's plan to issue two types of national IDs is criticized.

  • Law

    Election Year Drama

    In the month of May, the police detained and named eight persons suspects over social media posts. But guilty verdicts will require proof of motive and malicious intent.

  • Outreach

    Education For Disadvantaged Children

    Achieving educational equity in Indonesia faces several hurdles, including limitations in infrastructure, educational facilities, and qualified instructors. These poor conditions have inspired several

  • Color Through Contrast
    Arts & Culture

    Color Through Contrast

    Goenawan Mohamad’s color drawings were curated for an exhibition titled Warna. This showed there is an alternative to the norm that colors are simply “insertions” in sketches and black-and-white drawings.

  • Illustrations In Diversity
    Science & Technology

    Illustrations In Diversity

    Indonesia’s biological diversity is not yet well documented in botanical illustrations. There are only a handful of botanical illustrators in the country.

  • Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi: Idul Fitri Holiday Traffic Headache

    Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi: Idul Fitri Holiday Traffic Headache

    FOR Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi, taking a leave during the Idul Fitri (end of fasting month) holiday is impossible.

  • Sidelines

    In honor of M. Dawam Rahardjo (April 20, 1942-May 30, 2018)

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