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Edition 03 July 2018

  • Alarm over Meikarta

    Alarm over Meikarta

    Delays in the construction of Meikarta, Lippo Group's property megaproject in Bekasi, is causing unrest among buyers. Property regulations must be put in order.

  • Supporting Yahya Staquf's Initiative

    Supporting Yahya Staquf's Initiative

    Yahya Cholil Staquf is offering a new perspective for viewing the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. We must embrace his message.

  • Stop Politicizing Rizieq

    Stop Politicizing Rizieq

    The police's decision to end Rizieq's pornography investigation was the right move. Political game-playing behind the investigation has tarnished the law.

  • Election's Surprise

    Election's Surprise

    VOTERS behaviour is not something that can be predicted easily, as seen in the 2018 regional head elections. Candidates who were regarded as underdogs by surveys ended up garnering significant votes according to quick-count resultsalthough this did not necessarily mean that all of them ended up as winners.

  • Playing the Religion Card in North Sumatra
    Cover Story

    Playing the Religion Card in North Sumatra

    Ethnic and religious issues were central campaign themes in the election in North Sumatra. Abdul Somad and Gatot Nurmantyo directed voters at a large religious gathering.

  • Interview


    Yahya Cholil Staquf

    Secretary-General, Syuriah Nahdlatul Ulama: There is no point in defending Israel


  • Exploring the Opponent's Camp
    Cover Story

    Exploring the Opponent's Camp

    The number of votes cast for Sudirman Said was much higher than had been predicted by some surveys conducted close to the day of the election. The electronic ID card corruption case adversely affected Ganjar Pranowo.

  • Gaining Votes on the Back of 2019
    Cover Story

    Gaining Votes on the Back of 2019

    The Sudrajat-Ahmad Syaikhu ticket nearly won the election in West Java. They relied heavily on the 'replace the President' slogan.

  • Warning Signs for 2019
    Cover Story

    Warning Signs for 2019

    The predictions of some survey agencies for the 2018 regional head elections were off the mark in some areas. Looking to win big across Java, the PDI-P only won in one province. The camp opposing Jokowi is still solid.

  • Riady's Business at a Falter

    Riady's Business at a Falter

    With liquidity challenged, Lippo Karawaci has to rely on property asset sales. The future of the Riady family business lies in the hands of a massive integrated zone development project.

  • No Progress in Meikarta

    No Progress in Meikarta

    Lippo's megaproject, touted as the residential complex of the future, has come to a standstill. The project, worth hundreds of trillions of rupiah, is faced with numerous problems.

  • Havana Tobacco from Java

    Havana Tobacco from Java

    A retired tobacco company employee built a cigar business. He is now penetrating the international market.

  • New Hope for the Sulawesi Civet

    New Hope for the Sulawesi Civet

    Photos taken by a national park patrol team prove that the Sulawesi civet, previously thought to be extinct, still exists in the wild, even outside the park's territory.

  • Preventing the Extinction of Endemic Species

    Preventing the Extinction of Endemic Species

    Though Indonesia may be known for its rich biodiversity, some endemic species have come too close to the brink of extinction, among others the cendrawasih-birds of paradise endemic to Papua-and the Sulawesi civet.

  • Rizieq's Great Escape

    Rizieq's Great Escape

    AFTER leading the 411 and 212 rallies demanding former Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama be punished for committing religious blasphemy, Rizieq Syihab was repeatedly reported to the Police.

  • Case Closed

    Case Closed

    It took a long time before the investigation into an alleged pornography case involving Rizieq Syihab came to an end.

  • Abortion Practice at Menoreh hill

    Abortion Practice at Menoreh hill

    Police raided a place that practiced abortion under the pretext of providing massage services in Magelang. They suspect the practice had gone on for decades.

  • Yahya Cholil Staquf

    Yahya Cholil Staquf

    Secretary-General, Syuriah Nahdlatul Ulama: There is no point in defending Israel

  • Dystopia


    Are people thrown into hope? Or despair? There is no answer.

  • God
    Word Watch


    If you live in a part of Indonesia that is predominantly Muslim, like Java for instance, then Idul Fitri is the time when the air is filled with incessant praise of God.

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