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Edition 24 July 2018

  • Politicians hijacked

    Politicians hijacked

    Politicial parties are hijacking politicians from other parties, nominating them as their own in the coming legislative election. Internal party conflicts are being exploited.

  • More Words

    More Words

    Poetry has never saved the world, but it can save language from myth and death.

  • John De Rantau: Giving in to Digital
    Scene & Heard

    John De Rantau: Giving in to Digital

    THE digital revolution was once cause for 48-year-old filmmaker John De Rantau to stop making movies.

  • Fierrany Halita: a Love for Animation
    Scene & Heard

    Fierrany Halita: a Love for Animation

    Acquiescence has brought fortune to 25-year-old Fierrany Halita, who had never thought her short animated film would receive 10 national and international awards.

  • Empowering Fisherwomen

    Empowering Fisherwomen

    Multitudes of women are, in fact, involved in the fisheries sector’s production chain, from pre-production, processing, to marketing fish catch. But their participation is often underestimated and unappreciated: Women are simply seen as helpers. A number of organizations are working to empower fisherwomen through a variety of programs. In East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, for example, the Food and Agriculture Organization is teaching women seaweed farmers proper farming as well as food processing techniques. Meanwhile, Konsorsium Dian Tama is empowering fisherwomen in Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan, by providing training for creating fish products. To welcome the National Maritime Day next month, Tempo English reports.

  • Interview


    Suhariyanto Chair of Central Statistics Agency: I don’t mess around with the numbers

    For the first time in its history, Indonesia has finally nailed a single digit poverty rate. Quoting the results of the latest survey in March


  • National

    Votes Lost, Votes Won

    Political parties perform acrobatic maneuvers to replace lost cadres, relying on equally popular figures.

  • Economy

    A Pile of Problems After Signing

    Inalum-Freeport negotiations leave much to be resolved. Certain snags may still cause the deal to go awry.

  • Film

    Javanese Cowboys

    A fantasy movie is currently playing, with the theme of revenge set in 19th century Java. A touch of the ‘Wild West’.

  • Outreach

    Innovation on the Riverbank

    Fisherwomen along the Kapuas Hulu River, West Kalimantan, are processing fish into food products.


  • Learning with the Maestros
    Arts & Culture

    Learning with the Maestros

    Hundreds of high school students participated in a program called Learning with the Maestros. They immersed themselves in the daily lives of artists.

  • Locking the Tembagapura Mine’s Value

    Locking the Tembagapura Mine’s Value

    The value and structure of Freeport’s divestment have already been agreed upon two months ago.

  • State Electricity Company CEO Sofyan Basir: I Know Johanes and Eni
    Cover Story

    State Electricity Company CEO Sofyan Basir: I Know Johanes and Eni

    A bribery case involving the Riau-1 Steam Power Plant (PLTU) project has implicated Sofyan Basir, CEO of the State Electricity Company (PLN).

  • In Alliance with Setya and the Suharto Family
    Cover Story

    In Alliance with Setya and the Suharto Family

    Among Golkar Party politicians, Johanes Budisutrisno Kotjo is seen as being inseparable from Setya Novanto and Idrus Marham.

  • Ballooning Energy Subsidies

    Ballooning Energy Subsidies

    The macro assumption that goes off target has caused energy subsidies to soar. It can’t be overcome by political considerations.

  • A Questionable Deal

    A Questionable Deal

    Through Indonesia Asahan Aluminum (Inalum), the government has inked a deal with Freeport to acquire majority shares. The deal can end up in smoke if the requirements are not met.

  • Blurring Parties

    Blurring Parties

    Many politicians have been changing parties in order to increase their chance of entering the House of Representatives. It indicates a failure by those parties to prepare their candidates.

  • Time to Clean Up

    Time to Clean Up

    The recently revealed bribery scandal at the Riau-1 Steam Power Plan development project showed that corruption is still festering within the state electricity company (PLN).

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