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Edition 31 December 2018

  • The Heroes of Three Catastrophes
  • A Hands-On Security Guard
    Cover Story

    A Hands-On Security Guard

    Rampant lootings broke out in Banten following the devastating tsunami.

  • The Chief’s Earthquake Warnings
    Cover Story

    The Chief’s Earthquake Warnings

    A hamlet chief cautioned residents against sleeping inside.

  • Risking His Life
    Cover Story

    Risking His Life

    Armed with only courage, he rescued survivors buried under the ruins of earthquake and liquefaction. Dozens were mobilized to join the rescue effort.

  • Thousands of Meals for Evacuees
    Cover Story

    Thousands of Meals for Evacuees

    When an earthquake struck and ravaged Palu at the end of September, Shirley Showindra managed to survive.

  • Battling with Mud
    Cover Story

    Battling with Mud

    He rescued a boy and dozens of others who were dragged in the liquefaction mud.

  • Finger Pointing After Disaster 

    Finger Pointing After Disaster 

    The government has no tsunami early detection tools in the waters around the Anak Krakatau volcano. A major gap in disaster warning systems. 

  • Anak Krakatau Disaster

    Anak Krakatau Disaster

    THE COASTLINE of Banten and Lampung were hit by a tsunami sparked by a landslide from Mount Anak Krakatau’s crater on Saturday evening two weeks ago.

  • Intolerant Acts Even Before Cross was Defaced

    Intolerant Acts Even Before Cross was Defaced

    A Catholic family in Yogyakarta had long suffered intimidation. Their house had twice been damaged by unidentified mobs.

  • Preventing Corruption Through Women

    Preventing Corruption Through Women

    Not many people fully understand what corruptive behaviour actually is.

  • Interview


    Disaster Mitigation Is Not Yet A Government Priority

    Widjo Kongko, tsunami specialist, Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology:


  • Economy

    Business Lost,  Debts Found

    Business Lost, Debts Found

    The government revoked Bolt’s frequency license. A pandora’s box of debts was opened.

  • Economy

    China’s Expansion to Isle of the gods

    China’s Expansion to Isle of the gods

    Hundreds of hotels and merchants in Bali now accept payments using the Alipay and WeChat app. Local banks are keen to intermediate the transactions.

  • The Tales of Good Samaritans

    The Tales of Good Samaritans

    The Tales of Good Samaritans

  • Breaking the Chain

    Breaking the Chain

    Discrimination against minorities remains alive and well in Indonesia. The government must maintain a firm stance.

  • To-ing and Froing Again

    To-ing and Froing Again

    The police have once again halted investigation of the alleged fraud case that implicates Sugar Group CEO, Gunawan Jusuf.

  • Getting Back the Frequency

    Getting Back the Frequency

    The revocation of Internux and First Media’s frequency licenses means there is legal certainty for businesses.

  • Thank You, Tempo

    Thank You, Tempo

    I wish to express my gratitude to Tempo magazine.

  • Just face it with fortitude, child!
  • Mau Ke Mana?
    Word Watch

    Mau Ke Mana?

    Jennifer Lindsay*

  • Sidelines

    One mother who is never celebrated is Gandari. She was on the losing side, and is despised.

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