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Edition 08 January 2019

  • Magma Pockets in the Sunda Strait
    Cover Story

    Magma Pockets in the Sunda Strait

    Anak Krakatau is on level three alert as it’s still erupting, its behavior unpredictable and erratic. There is still potential for a tsunami.

  • Tracing the Tsunami’s Source
    Cover Story

    Tracing the Tsunami’s Source

    The collapse of Anak Krakatau’s southwestern slope is believed to be the trigger of the tsunami that ravaged the coasts of Banten and Lampung.

  • Layered Tsunami Detection System
    Cover Story

    Layered Tsunami Detection System

    Layered Tsunami Detection System

  • In Hot Water

    In Hot Water

    The winner of the drinking water project at the Public Works and Housing Ministry was set prior to the tender.

  • Mysterious Sacks Of ID Cards

    Mysterious Sacks Of ID Cards

    The Ministry of Home Affairs has discovered some discrepancies regarding a sack of electronic ID cards found in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta.

  • Old Hands, New Chairs

    Old Hands, New Chairs

    The transaction for acquisition of majority stake in Freeport Indonesia has been completed. Inalum fails to propose its preferred candidate for CEO.

  • Never Again Another Nuril

    Never Again Another Nuril

    The Government and the House of Representatives are accused of being lackadaisical in their deliberations of the Bill to Eliminate Sexual Violence.

  • Victim who Refused to Stay Silent

    Victim who Refused to Stay Silent

    A member of the Workers BPJS Supervisory Board has been reported to the police on alleged sexual violence against a former subordinate.

  • Rumphius, the Forgotten Botanist

    Rumphius, the Forgotten Botanist

    These days, not many Ambonese are familiar with Georgius Everhardus Rumphius (1627-1702).

  • Giving Strength to Victims of Violence

    Giving Strength to Victims of Violence

    Wendelina Olin has never ceases to help and defend women and children subjected to violence in North Timor Tengah.

  • Interview


    Hoaxes Will Prevail Until the Elections

    General Elections Commission Chief Arief Budiman:


  • The Topsy-Turvy ID Cards Case

    The Topsy-Turvy ID Cards Case

    Thousands of discarded electronic ID cards found strewn in several places points to sub-standard management of our population data.

  • Disentangling the Corruption Web

    Disentangling the Corruption Web

    Alleged corruption in the drinking water system project should prompt KPK to expose and disrupt the corruption network within the public works ministr

  • Sidelines

    It all started with Bouazizi.

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