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Edition 04 February 2019

  • Yellow Light From The Abstaining Group
    Cover Story

    Yellow Light From The Abstaining Group

    A group of people will not be exercising their right to vote in the 2019 general elections. There has been a rising trend of active abstention throughout the campaign period, causing both candidate pairs to be on the alert. The abstaining group expresses disappointment in candidates and campaigning methods that they feel are lacking in quality.

  • Flight Discounts For Voters
    Cover Story

    Flight Discounts For Voters

    Jokowi and Prabowo’s camps are pursuing all avenues to prevent their supporters from abstaining. Their methods seem to fail among human rights activists.

  • History Proves...
    Cover Story

    History Proves...

    The two presidential-vice-presidential candidate pairs are giving serious attention to a potentially growing group of people planning to abstain from voting.

  • Voting Is A Right, Not A Responsibility
    Cover Story

    Voting Is A Right, Not A Responsibility

    Abhan: Chairman of Election Monitoring Agency

  • The Gloomy Stars In Military Headquarters

    The Gloomy Stars In Military Headquarters

    Hundreds of high and middle-ranking officers of the Indonesian Military (TNI) hold no positions. They have the potential to secure the victory of presidential candidates.

  • Tweet Ends A Prison Sentence

    Tweet Ends A Prison Sentence

    THE South Jakarta District Court sentenced Ahmad Dhani Prasetyo to one year and six months in prison after finding the musician guilty of hate speech on Monday last week.

  • Party Traces at the Batam Bay

    Party Traces at the Batam Bay

    The appointment of Batam’s Mayor as ex-officio head of the Batam Free Trade Zone and Free Port Authority (BP Batam) has rattled many sides. Was he put there to smooth the way for an ongoing mega project?

  • Batam is not an Inheritance

    Batam is not an Inheritance

    Batam Free Trade Zone chief Edy Putra Irawady

  • Cut-Rate Import Tariffs at Tanjung Emas

    Cut-Rate Import Tariffs at Tanjung Emas

    The interception of garments being imported at a port in Semarang exposed a suspected practice of low import tax payments. It began with a report from another importer.

  • First Travel’s Blank Receipt

    First Travel’s Blank Receipt

    Victims of First Travel scam refuse the confiscation or transfer of ownership of the company’s assets. They are fighting back by filing request for pre-trial.

  • Outreach


    Guardians of the Woods

    A place to learn about village forests management.


  • In Memoriam

    Rahman Tolleng—Imagining Subversion

    Rahman Tolleng—Imagining Subversion

    To the end of his life, Rahman Tolleng kept a distance from power.

  • Letters

    Clarification from PoliticaWave

    Clarification from PoliticaWave

    WE wish to make a clarification concerning the article titled “From Prison to Prison”, published in the Tempo January 29-February 4, 2019, edition.

  • Photo

    Picture Window

    Fortune In The Year of The Pig

    Senior residents receive ang pow (money in red envelope) from the management of Tay Kak Sie Temple Foundation in Semarang, Central Java, Sunday, January 27. The charity giving of ang pow and daily necessity goods to about 2,000 senior citizens marks the start of celebration of the Lunar New Year on February 5. ANTARA/Aji Styawan/foc.


  • Vote of No Confidence

    Vote of No Confidence

    When the two presidential candidate camps hastily try to anticipate the number of people who plan to abstain in the 2019 elections, a group known by the Indonesian acronym golput, they are actually battling themselves.

  • Saving Dhani’s Tantrum

    Saving Dhani’s Tantrum

    The Law on Information and Electronic Transactions has once again claimed a victim. It needs to be revised to safeguard freedom of expression.

  • A Dangerous Idea

    A Dangerous Idea

    The Indonesian National Army wishes to place active officers in civilian positions. A refutation of military reform.

  • One Person, Two Jobs

    One Person, Two Jobs

    The combining of two leadership positions in Batam will not solve the problem. It has the potential to foster conflicts of interest.

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