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Edition 12 February 2019

  • Quelling the Jiwasraya Storm
    Cover Story

    Quelling the Jiwasraya Storm

    The government has come up with various schemes to salvage Indonesia’s oldest life insurance company. Reports from the Supreme Audit Agency and Financial Services Authority have shown investment irregularities for quite some time.

  • A Cliffhanger for Policyholders
    Cover Story

    A Cliffhanger for Policyholders

    Thousands of Jiwasraya investors are worried that they may not get their money back. Some were enticed by the tax amnesty program’s repatriation scheme.

  • The Legend’s Maneuvering
    Cover Story

    The Legend’s Maneuvering

    Jiwasraya’s high-risk investments caused the company’s long-running ailment. The Supreme Audit Agency is performing another audit to investigate symptoms similar to those observed four years ago.

  • Restructuring to Prevent Collapse
    Cover Story

    Restructuring to Prevent Collapse

    Jiwasraya Insurance CEO Hexana Tri Sasongko

  • Using Bobby to Reach Millennials

    Using Bobby to Reach Millennials

    The presidential candidates are trying to get closer to young voters, who make up more than 40 percent of Indonesia’s total potential ballot goers. They tweak their appearances, and even their achievements, in order to do this.

  • The Political Compass of Generation Y

    The Political Compass of Generation Y

    Millennials tend to be apathetic towards politics. They prefer to choose a candidate instead of a party.

  • Youths in Today’s Elections

    Youths in Today’s Elections

    Both presidential candidate camps are pounding the pavement to attract millennial voters—85 million in total—who many believe will largely determine the results of the 2019 general elections.

  • Music Is A Matter of Feelings

    Music Is A Matter of Feelings

    Having the potential to restrict creativity, the bill on music has been rejected by musicians. It copies the law on films.

  • Cover Blown During Arrest Operation

    Cover Blown During Arrest Operation

    A KPK sting operation at Hotel Borobudur fell apart when team members was spotted in the crowd. The ensuing confrontation purportedly ended in assault.

  • Disgrace in the Pancasila Campus

    Disgrace in the Pancasila Campus

    UGM rectorate opted for a settlement in the case of sexual harassment against a female college student. The police presses on with the case’s investigation.

  • Law


    Corporate Compliance Key to Eradicate Corruption

    R. Bayu Perdana LL.M Candidate at Georgetown Law (USA) and an associate at Maqdir Ismail & Partners


  • Market Pulse

    Persistent Problem that Mires a Shiny Record

    Persistent Problem that Mires a Shiny Record

    There is still good fortune in store for Indonesia.

  • International

    We Want to Determine Our Own Fate

    We Want to Determine Our Own Fate

    Dolkun Isa, President of the World Uyghur Congress

  • Interview

    This Is A Matter of Law, Not Religion

    This Is A Matter of Law, Not Religion

    Chair, National Commission ON Violence Against Women, Azriana Rambe Manalu:

  • Photo

    Picture Window

    Box Office

    Stacks of ballot boxes at the Tasikmalaya General Election Commission (KPU) logistics warehouse in Cibeurem, West Java, Friday, February 1. The Tasikmalaya KPU claims that the preparation for the 2019 Elections has reached 90 percent, that 10,410 ballot boxes and 4,325 voting booths are ready to be distributed to 2,063 polling stations (TPS) in 10 subdistricts. ANTARA/Adeng Bustomi/foc.


  • JD.ID’s Response

    JD.ID’s Response

    IN response to the protest by Bapak Anfaul Imam in the letter section of the January 22-28 edition, we at the JD.ID have contacted the customer to apologize for the inconvenience and explain that the internal mix-ups have caused the delay in the refund process.

  • * Out of Tune!

    * Out of Tune!

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Improper Insurance

    Improper Insurance

    The storm at the heart of Asuransi Jiwasraya shows latent problems with all state-owned companies: poor financial management and imprudent investments.

  • Repealing the Music Bill

    Repealing the Music Bill

    Musicians in large numbers are opposed to the music bill. It has the potential to threaten freedom of expression.

  • Black Mark for Blue Campus

    Black Mark for Blue Campus

    A student victim of sexual harassment was pressured to make peace with the perpetrator. The police must investigate the case.

  • Knocked Down but Not Out

    Knocked Down but Not Out

    The people responsible for the assault of two Corruption Eradication Commission officials must be severely punished. The institution needs to enhance its operational capabilities.

  • Sidelines

    In Cordoba, one day in the 12th century, a beardless young man astonished a famous philosopher.

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