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Edition 19 February 2019

  • Hazardous Waste at Military Bases

    Hazardous Waste at Military Bases

    This report is made possible through the initiative of Tempo Institute and Free Press Unlimited under the Investigasi Bersama Tempo program.

  • Paralyzed By Hot Ash

    Paralyzed By Hot Ash

    People living around the Raci AURI Base in Pasuruan, East Java, have became ill after falling into toxic waste. Crops have also been damaged.

  • Foul Play, Toxic Waste

    Foul Play, Toxic Waste

    Hazardous and toxic waste (B3) containment in East Java has violated regulations. In Indonesia, B3 containment is only allowed in Cileungsi, Bogor, East Java.

  • The Waste Is Safe

    The Waste Is Safe

    First Marshal Novyan Samyoga, TNI Air Force Chief of Information:

  • The TNI Indeed Misbehaves

    The TNI Indeed Misbehaves

    Diah Susilowati, Chief of East Java Office of Environment

  • Keeper of the Ulama’s Vote

    Keeper of the Ulama’s Vote

    Practically all the Islamic parties are predicted to miss out on the parliamentarian threshold. Abandoned by Muslim voters, the parties are trying to identify themselves as being close to ulama and the Islamic movement.

  • Arsons in Central Java

    Arsons in Central Java

    It is suspected that repeated instances of vehicular arson in Central Java are part of an organized effort being carried out by trained people. Governor Ganjar Pranowo suggested that it is connected with the upcoming presidential election.

  • Fighting over Customers’ Deposits

    Fighting over Customers’ Deposits

    Banks are chasing after all manner of liquidity because growth of savings have stagnated. A bank interest war is inevitable.

  • We are different from Palyja

    We are different from Palyja

    Aetra Air Jakarta Director of Operations, Lintong Hutasoit

  • Small Investments Hamper Expansions

    Small Investments Hamper Expansions

    PAM Jaya CEO, Priyatno Bambang Hernowo

  • Economy


    Jakarta Water’s Red Report

    Jakarta government decides to take over clean water management in the city. They have met with Salim Group, private operator for Jakarta water management.


  • Law

    Because Vanessa is Not a Procurer

    Because Vanessa is Not a Procurer

    The police named Vanessa Angel as suspect in the case of violation of the Electronic Information and Transaction Law, regarding online prostitution. Her lawyer said that the charges against her is being overstretched.

  • Interview

    Career expansion will disgrace TNI

    Career expansion will disgrace TNI

    Agus Widjojo, Governor, National Resilience Institute:

  • Outreach

    A Wellspring amid Oil Palm

    A Wellspring amid Oil Palm

    The Segumon customary community is determined to salvage their ancestral land.

  • Photo

    Picture Window

    Up In Smoke

    Two local residents are watching the raging wildfire that incinerates the area near the City of Dumai, Riau, Tuesday , February 12. Extreme hot and dry climate has cause this year’s wildfire that scorched nearby forests and plantation areas. ANTARA/Aswaddy Hamid


  • Essence of Journalism
    Letter From

    Essence of Journalism

    Entering 2019, we had many pleasant surprises.

  • Bank Danamon’s Response

    Bank Danamon’s Response

    IN connection with the letter from Mr Andreas I.W. on letter page last week titled Danamon and Unkept Promises, we have contacted the person concerned to provide an explanation. T

  • * Ready for the sting operation!
  • Hazardous Waste in Military Grounds

    Hazardous Waste in Military Grounds

    It is inappropriate that the Indonesian Military (TNI) is allowing their headquarters to become a dumping place for hazardous and toxic wastes.

  • Stopping Arson Terror

    Stopping Arson Terror

    Acts of terror setting vehicles aflame in Central Java is disrupting the public’s sense of safety. It is imperative these acts be halted before polling day.

  • New Era for Water Management

    New Era for Water Management

    The Jakarta government is determined to end management of clean water by private operators. There is a need to reorganize PAM Jaya.

  • Reckless Raid

    Reckless Raid

    The police have nabbed Vanessa Angel with the Law on Electronic Information and Transactions. The use of this law should be stopped.

  • Sidelines

    On January 30, 2019, a woman fat as a sackful of rice and with a face twisted like Sarpakanaka, shot an air pistol at a life-sized doll. The doll had the face of Mahatma Gandhi.

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