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Edition 18 March 2019

  • ROMY’s Bribery Drama
    Cover Story

    ROMY’s Bribery Drama

    The corruption eradication commission arrested United Development Party general chairman Muhammad Romahurmuziy in a bribery case involving promotion access within the religious affairs ministry. it is suspected that the illicit operation has been going on for some time, and that the minister knew about it.

  • A Religious Ministry Period of Ignorance
    Cover Story

    A Religious Ministry Period of Ignorance

    The practice of position transactions at the religious affairs ministry has purportedly been going on for a long time. Figures from the United Development Party are suspected of being involved.

  • The Minister Should Have Known
    Cover Story

    The Minister Should Have Known

    ALTHOUGH it has been two years since Mochammad Jasin retired from the religious affairs ministry, he still receives ample information from his former staffers regarding countering corruption there.

  • Sambhar’s Digital Footprints

    Sambhar’s Digital Footprints

    Feeling he was being sought after raising the issue of suspected police non-neutrality in the 2019 General Election, the holder of the @opposite6890 social media account is in hiding abroad. We attempted to recreate the analytical search that account did on the Sambhar application.

  • Power Hazard

    Power Hazard

    ENVIRONMENTAL experts and activists are increasingly concerned that the 510-megawatt Batang Toru Hydro Power Plant (PLTA) project in North Sumatra will eradicate the Tapanuli orangutan, a recently discovered and endangered orangutan species that resides in Indonesia’s forests. The project’s environmental impact analysis (Amdal) document is believed to be flawed as it does not include a mitigation strategy for the forest’s endangered animals. Our investigation indeed found environmental destruction although the power plant will only start operating in 2022.

  • We Will Revise the Amdal [to Include] Orangutans

    We Will Revise the Amdal [to Include] Orangutans

    Anton Sugiono, North Sumatera Hydro Energy President Commissioner:

  • The Power Plant Intrusion

    The Power Plant Intrusion

    The discovery of the Tapanuli orangutan (Pongo Tapanuliensis) in the Batang Toru Forest was both a joyous and troubling moment.

  • The Pasaribu Brothers at Dharmawangsa

    The Pasaribu Brothers at Dharmawangsa

    The development of the Batang Toru hydro power plant in South Tapanuli, North Sumatra, is partly due to the Pasaribu family. Permit processing went smoothly thanks to the Pasaribu brothers.

  • Lack of Access, Empty Airports

    Lack of Access, Empty Airports

    Various efforts are taken to enliven still-empty new airports. A number of programs are launched, from umrah minor pilgrimage and cargo services to offering incentives. Access is key to solving the problem.

  • We’ve Warned that Employee

    We’ve Warned that Employee

    AJS Palembang Branch Manager Agus Supriyadi

  • Economy


    Food Preservatives from Chicken Coops

    Food preservatives have become latent hazards in South Sumatra. A number of findings indicate that many food processing industries use the chemical solution; tracing back its origins to a farming company, Agrinusa Jaya Santosa, Japfa’s subsidiary.


  • International

    A Breivik-Inspired Terrorist Attack

    A Breivik-Inspired Terrorist Attack

    An Australian man shot and killed worshippers at two mosques in the town of Christchurch in New Zealand. One Indonesian is among the dead victims.

  • Interview

    For Sure We’ll Nab Dealers

    For Sure We’ll Nab Dealers

    Chief of the National Narcotics Agency, Commissioner General Heru Winarko:

  • Outreach

    The Giant Bees

    The Giant Bees

    The world’s largest bee species, previously thought as extinct, is apparently still found in Halmahera, North Maluku. The endangered species is hunted by collectors.

  • Photo

    Picture Window

    Silence Is Golden

    Anti-Corruption Civil Society Coalition activists stage a silent rally to mark the 700 days of the attack on Novel Baswedan, at the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) building in Jakarta, Tuesday, March 12. They demand President Joko Widodo to form an independent fact-finding team to solve the case of acid attack on the KPK investigator. ANTARA/Rivan Awal Lingga


  • Recurring Political Corruption

    Recurring Political Corruption

    The detention of United Development Party (PPP) General Chairman Muhammad Romahurmuziy by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) last Friday was a surprise to no one.

  • Debunking Disinformation

    Debunking Disinformation

    More and more hoax and disinformation is being spread as election day nears. Politics justifies all means.

  • Orangutan Under Threat at Batang Toru

    Orangutan Under Threat at Batang Toru

    Orangutan are under threat due to a hydro power plant project at Batang Toru. The environmental impact analysis needs to be revised.

  • New Airports Lack Verve

    New Airports Lack Verve

    Several of the new airports are finding it difficult to entice customers. The supporting infrastructure needs to be improved.

  • Sidelines

    One day in the 4th century BCE, Alexander heard there was an eccentric philosopher living in Athens. The young Macedonian king wanted to know more about Diogenes.

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