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Edition 02 April 2019

  • Nduga Operation, Episode Two
    Cover Story

    Nduga Operation, Episode Two

    Nduga Regency has been riddled by conflict since mid-last year, with Egianus Kogeya’s group launching multiple attacks. Thousands have had to flee the poorest region in Papua. The military is accused of having committed human rights violations.

  • Mapenduma’s Age-Old Trauma
    Cover Story

    Mapenduma’s Age-Old Trauma

    Natina Ubruangge fell silent as she reminisced on the incident that took place in her place of birth, 23 years ago.

  • Names Given on the Run
    Cover Story

    Names Given on the Run

    To avoid conflict, thousands of Nduga residents have evacuated into the forest and the neighboring regency. There has been little aid.

  • We Shoot Those Who Were Armed
    Cover Story

    We Shoot Those Who Were Armed

    Nduga Operation Commander, Col. Jonathan Binsar Parluhutan Sianipar

  • Total of MRT Passengers Soaring

    Total of MRT Passengers Soaring

    A week after the Jakarta mass rapid transit or MRT was inaugurated on March 24, the number of passengers of the fast train keeps increasing.

  • Harmonization Stalled by Rini’s Letter

    Harmonization Stalled by Rini’s Letter

    The government is not yet unanimous about the revision of regulations on mining business operation. State owned enterprises want a greater role to play. Coal businessmen have met with Minister Jonan to inquire about their further operation.

  • Salt Imports through Allocation

    Salt Imports through Allocation

    The producers of miscellaneous food industry salt allegedly carried out a cartel. The Business Competition Supervisory Commission uncovered a proposal for an import quota and stock management and distribution previously agreed upon between them.

  • A Masked ATM Skimmer

    A Masked ATM Skimmer

    A young businessman who graduated abroad used ATM skimming to drain the savings of a private bank customer. He is said to be a distant relative of Prabowo Subianto.

  • Bribes for Vote Buying

    Bribes for Vote Buying

    The Corruption Eradication Commission arrested a member of the House of Representatives, Bowo Sidik Pangarso, in an Rp8-billion bribery case involving shipping fertilizer material and other projects. It is suspected those funds were to finance his re-election campaign as a legislator from the Golkar Party.

  • Appeals for Peace from the Land of Mines

    Appeals for Peace from the Land of Mines

    The women of North and South Korea, also internationals, keep campaigning for peace in the Korean Peninsula. The demilitarized zone area have been their arenas.

  • Interview


    Don’t Demonize Corporations

    Agrarian and Spatial Planning Minister/Head of National Land Agency Sofyan Djalil/Tempo/Ratih Purnama


  • Asean & Beyond

    No Witness of Thai’s Vote Counting

    No Witness of Thai’s Vote Counting

    Ichal Supriadi, Advisor of the Asian Network for Free Elections:

  • Literature

    A Love of Literature in Kensington

    A Love of Literature in Kensington

    The number of copyright deals made on Indonesia books has been steadily increasing over the past seven years. The Creative Economy Agency has increased copyright sales through the 2019 London Book Fair. The role of literary agents and subsidized translations are still important for entering foreign markets, as Indonesia is still not well-known.

  • Photo

    Picture Window


    An aerial photo of Sultan Thaha Syaifuddin Forest Park that has changed functions and is now filled with oil storage ponds and illegal oil drilling activities, in Bajubang, Batanghari, Jambi, Monday, March 25. Locals said that the illegal oil drilling activities—carried out in the forest area of 15,830 hectares—have been done openly since 2016. According to Batanghari Environmental Office the illegal activities have destroyed more that 50 hectares of the forest area. ANTARA/Wahdi Septiawan


  • SKK Migas’ Right to Respond

    SKK Migas’ Right to Respond

    REFERRING to the story in Tempo, March 26-April 1, 2019 edition, about the Abadi Field, Masela Block, we herewith wish to make several clarifications:

  • The Religious Affairs Minister’s drawers
  • Cycle of Violence in Papua

    Cycle of Violence in Papua

    The increasingly tense situation in Nduga Regency, Papua, shows that the use of an armed response makes it more difficult to solve the various problems in the province.

  • Skimming Paradise

    Skimming Paradise

    One third of skimming cases in the world take place in Indonesia. The banks must immediately migrate to chip technology.

  • Tariffs Dilemma

    Tariffs Dilemma

    The Jakarta City Council is prolonging approval of the MRT tariffs. Matters of public importance are being mixed with electoral interests.

  • Contradictory Mining Laws

    Contradictory Mining Laws

    The government has drawn up a regulation that benefits mining companies. Several articles are contrary to law.

  • Sidelines

    We remember Man Friday.

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