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Edition 30 July 2019

  • A likely Complicated Alliance
    Cover Story

    A likely Complicated Alliance

    Surya Paloh convened leaders of the ruling coalition to reject Gerindra’s inclusion. After reports of a fractured relationship with Surya, Megawati extends a warm hand to Prabowo Subianto. This could upset the cabinet lineup and the appointment of the MPR leadership.

  • Potential Split in the Coalition
    Cover Story

    Potential Split in the Coalition

    Parties in Jokowi’s supporting coalition are competing for ministerial seats. Names have already been submitted to the President.

  • Quantity Does Not Equal Quality
    Cover Story

    Quantity Does Not Equal Quality

    Jokowi-Ma’ruf’s supporting parties are refusing to welcome Gerindra into the coalition. They worry that the addition would mean fewer available seats in the cabinet and MPR leadership.

  • Strategic Decisions Must Be Agreed Upon Together
  • Why should dialogue make them uneasy?
    Cover Story

    Why should dialogue make them uneasy?

    PDI-P Secretary-General Hasto Kristiyanto

  • Camped Out for Asylum

    Camped Out for Asylum

    For years, the fate of asylum seekers in Jakarta has been unclear. Some of them would like to continue living in Indonesia.

  • The Kiai ’s Whisper

    The Kiai ’s Whisper

    The problems of Bank Muamalat finally reached President Joko Widodo. Once every three weeks, Ma’ruf Amin joins the meeting of the bank’s directors and commissioners.

  • New Option for Muamalat

    New Option for Muamalat

    Bank Muamalat’s rights offering plan is delayed again. The Financial Services Authority questions the transaction scheme.

  • The Social Security Pandora Box

    The Social Security Pandora Box

    The anti-graft commission recommends that social security for non-permanent employees should still be managed by the Workers Social Security Agency. The push and pull is now entering a new chapter.

  • We Do Not Get Into BPJS Business
  • Market Pulse

    Market Pulse

    Politicians, the Economy Needs to Survive

    The grim mood blanketing the world economy grows thicker. An increasingly uncertain trade war is not only hurting China. The US economy is also showing signs of weakening. If two of the world’s largest economies are feeling the pain, many other countries will certainly feel it too.


  • Law

    The  ‘Fish  and  Crab’  Land Reclamation

    The ‘Fish and Crab’ Land Reclamation

    The KPK is investigating the involvement of other business owners in a land reclamation license bribery case involving Riau Islands Governor Nurdin Basirun. There are signs that money changed hands.

  • Law

    Charge First, Pay Later

    Charge First, Pay Later

    Customers have reported Asuransi Jiwa Bakrie to the police for failure to pay investment returns. The company insists this is a civil law matter.

  • Interview

    KPK Candidate Leaders Selection Committee Chair Yenti Garnasih:  We Are Not Looking  for Demi-gods

    KPK Candidate Leaders Selection Committee Chair Yenti Garnasih: We Are Not Looking for Demi-gods

    The selection process of candidate leaders for the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) garnered much criticism because the committee invited candidacies from the police force and the attorney general’s office.

  • Opinion

    Watch Out for the Oligarch

    THE meeting between Megawati Sukarnoputri and Prabowo Subianto last week prompts more concern than reassurance.



    Picture Window

    1. Explosive Finale: A MAN performs a daring attraction by wrapping himself in a string of firecrackers and set it off during th...

    2. Gray Area: Houses around Kawah Ratu are covered with volcanic ash after the eruption of Mount Tangkuban Parahu in Subang, West Java, Saturday, July 27. Following a phreatic eruption on Friday, July 26, the Kawah Ratu tourism area on Mount Tangkuban Perahu is covered by 5-centimeter thick volcanic ash, and activities are prohibited inside the 500 meter radius from the crater./ANTARA /Novrian Arbi


  • The Gurindam Project Lucre

    The Gurindam Project Lucre

    There have been irregularities with the reclamation project in the Riau Islands from the outset. The KPK must thoroughly investigate corruption in the project.

  • Floods of Refugees

    Floods of Refugees

    Thousands of refugees flock to Indonesia every year. A solution is needed to prevent social

  • The Right Way for Muamalat

    The Right Way for Muamalat

    Indonesia’s oldest sharia bank is once again faced with the threat of failing to increase its capital. It is struggling because of poor risk management.

  • Kartun


    *The prediction leaflet to describe the calculation of seats distribution for the reconciliation

  • Pupuk Indonesia’s Objection

    Pupuk Indonesia’s Objection

    IN the Opinion of Tempo’s July 23-29, 2019 entitled All Eyes on the SOEs mentioned: “There was also a bribery case at another SOE: fertilizer company Pupuk Indonesia. In March, the company’ marketing manager was detained by the KPK for allegedly bribing member of the Golkar Faction in the House of Representatives Bowo Sidik Pangarso, in order to smooth the way for the business.”

  • Safeguarding Maleo in Bone Bolango

    Safeguarding Maleo in Bone Bolango

    Villagers living on the fringes of Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park in Gorontalo help hatch maleo eggs. The population of the threatened birds endemic to Sulawesi is on the rise.

  • Sidelines

    It is a bad short story, but it was not its literary qualities that condemned it.

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