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Edition 27 August 2019

  • New and Defunct Ministries in Jokowi’s Cabinet
    Cover Story

    New and Defunct Ministries in Jokowi’s Cabinet

    President Joko Widodo will be restructuring the cabinet in his second term in office. Some ministries will be merged, others are disbanded while new ones are formed. A young person will be appointed as minister of digital economy.

  • Jokowi’s Cabinet, Chapter II
    Cover Story

    Jokowi’s Cabinet, Chapter II

    WHEN he met with cadres in the regions, Hamka Haq listened to their complaints about the quota for ministerial positions in the Working Cabinet for his party.

  • New Cabinet, New Ministries
    Cover Story

    New Cabinet, New Ministries

    PRESIDENT Joko Widodo will be restructuring his cabinet. A number of ministries will be merged with other ministries, adopting new names. New ministries and institutions will also be formed. The President will be appointing deputy ministers for a number of ministries whose work areas cover a wide scope or ministries with big budgets.

  • Difficult Early Months
    Cover Story

    Difficult Early Months

    New ministries were overwhelmed as they sought to tackle key programs in the cabinet’s early period. Administrative affairs were particularly time consuming.

  • New Cabinet Formation has Finalized
    Cover Story

    New Cabinet Formation has Finalized

    Joko Widodo, President of the Republic of Indonesia:

  • Flamed by the Racism

    Flamed by the Racism

    Rioting erupted in several towns in Papua. It was triggered by racial slurs against Papuan students in Malang and Surabaya.

  • After BI Has Choosen
    Market Pulse

    After BI Has Choosen

    Instead of stability, Bank Indonesia (BI) has sided with growth.

  • Wholesale Smuggling  busted

    Wholesale Smuggling busted

    The police thwarted the smuggling of millions of pieces of cosmetics and vehicle spare parts from China. Losses of state revenue are estimated to amount to trillions of rupiah annually.

  • Heriyanto, smuggling Suspect: There Was a Boss, I’m Just a Middleman

    Heriyanto, smuggling Suspect: There Was a Boss, I’m Just a Middleman

    A stocky male with a crew cut headed down the hallway to the office of the Jakarta Police Special Crimes Directorate.

  • Traffic Project Frequent Partner

    Traffic Project Frequent Partner

    The company that won a procurement tender for 1,200cc motorcycles and other projects worth billions of rupiah from the Traffic Corps is headquartered in a small shophouse. Its winning in the police cruiser motorcycle tender was questioned.

  • Outreach


    Battling Stunting in East Flores

    East Flores is launching a serious campaign against stunting. The regent as well as village regulations threaten those in violation with various sanctions.


  • Asean & Beyond

    Duterte will face justice at the hands of the International community

    Duterte will face justice at the hands of the International community

    Phil Robertson, Deputy Director of Asia Division, Human Rights Watch

  • Letters

    Clarification of the Karawang Oil Spillage

    Clarification of the Karawang Oil Spillage

    TEMPO has made me one of the resource persons for the article Pitching In with the Cleanup on pages 46-49 of the August 6-12, 2019 edition.

  • Cartoon

    Capital City

    Capital City

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Opinion

    Jokowi’s New Cabinet

    THE composition of the forthcoming cabinet is a gamble for president Joko Widodo. As the driving force for the realization of the elected president’s promises, the performance of the cabinet will determine how Jokowi is remembered in the future: as a successful leader, merely average or even a failure.



    Picture Window

    David And Goliath

    A little boy tries to put out a bushfire with a stick in Kayu Arehh village, Palembang, South Sumatra, Sunday, August 18. Aside from a water bombing team using six helicopters, the government has deployed a joint squad of 1,512 personnel from the Indonesian Military (TNI), National Police, Manggala Agni firefighters, Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD), and Public Order Police units to fight the forest fires in South Sumatra. ANTARA/Mushaful Imam


  • Back to the Roots

    Back to the Roots

    The political disturbances in Papua must be dealt with quickly but cautiously. The resolution of the conflict must target its roots.

  • Fixing Loopholes

    Fixing Loopholes

    A tender process for the supply of motor vehicles to the National Police Traffic Division ended in court. The funding system for the police must be reformed.

  • After Losing to Brazil

    After Losing to Brazil

    The WTO has told Indonesia to accept poultry products from Brazil. Consistency in policies is needed.

  • Successive Blows from Geneva

    Successive Blows from Geneva

    The government is facing a WTO dispute challenge for delaying shipments of chicken meat from Brazil. The rule is revised to prevent retaliation.

  • Waste in Containers

    Waste in Containers

    Recycling businesses using imported plastic are threatened with closure as their raw material is held up. The majority of recycled products are aimed for the export market.

  • Exporting Pottery from a Backyard

    Exporting Pottery from a Backyard

    Kaloka Pottery has gone international. It is also a favorite hangout place for fans of photography and coffee drinkers.

  • Sidelines

    Toni Morrison died on August 5, 2019 in New York

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