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Edition 17 December 2019

  • Erick’s Power Plans
    Cover Story

    Erick’s Power Plans

    Erick Thohir’s planned restructuring of state electricity company PLN has been relatively drama-free. The minister also plans to transform the SOE’s business model, which he believes is too focused on power plant projects. Private power producers launch old complaints.

  • Indonesia’s Electricity Giants
    Cover Story

    Indonesia’s Electricity Giants

    Companies are racing to build power plants. Investment in the electricity sector is particularly lucrative.

  • The Subsidy Dilemma
    Cover Story

    The Subsidy Dilemma

    The DPR questions the plan to raise electricity tariff in 2020. State electricity company PLN’s finances are at stake.

  • From Siman to Susi
    Special Report

    From Siman to Susi

    Besides films adapted from books and biopics, the year 2019 has harvested grass-root indie movies. Several of these indie movies have even broken through at international festivals. Tempo has the annual tradition of selecting films as an alternative to the annual Indonesian Film Festival, and as a way to celebrate quality cinema. These are our picks.

  • Anggi, History, And Meta-History
    Special Report

    Anggi, History, And Meta-History

    Tempo chose The Science of Fictions by Yosep Anggi Noen as 2019 best film.

  • Susi Susanti’s Reincarnation
    Special Report

    Susi Susanti’s Reincarnation

    Laura Basuki succeeded in becoming Susi Susanti, and presented this Indonesian badminton player’s psychological dilemmas which were little known to the public.

  • The Mute Astronaut
    Special Report

    The Mute Astronaut

    Despite not having even one line of dialogue, Gunawan Maryanto delivered a convincing performance as a person suffering life-long trauma.

  • Weeding Out Radicals

    Weeding Out Radicals

    The idea of a regulation to deter radicalism among state civil apparatus was brought up during the presidential election campaign. It was fast-tracked after wives of several high-ranking military officers made cynical comment about Wiranto’s stabbing.

  • Military Intelligence in the Scholarship Process

    Military Intelligence in the Scholarship Process

    The government is making changes to the selection process to weed out LPDP scholarship recipients who are not pro-Pancasila. Some examiners are suspected of having been exposed to radicalism.

  • A Meaner Market Next Year
    Market Pulse

    A Meaner Market Next Year

    In 2020, every investor must be prepared for tighter global liquidity.

  • Law


    Clandestine Tactics of the Former Adjutant

    The appointment of Insp. Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo as Chief of the Police Criminal Investigation Division is said to be the direct result of his closeness with President Joko Widodo. He has often been Jokowi’s envoy to tamp down various conflicts. He was once refused by the community to head a region because he was a Catholic, Sigit instead is very adept in embracing the ulama (cleric).


  • Law

    Police Criminal Investigation Chief Listyo Sigit Prabowo:  I Support Jokowi

    Police Criminal Investigation Chief Listyo Sigit Prabowo: I Support Jokowi

    Inspector Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo’s career took a major leap. In 2014, he became President Joko Widodo’s aide as senior commissioner.

  • Environment

    The Carbon Center’s Staggered Walk

    The Carbon Center’s Staggered Walk

    Fire raged across part of the ecosystem restoration area of Katingan Mentaya Project in Central Kalimantan. This world’s largest in the carbon trading program has been surrounded by oil palm plantations. The absence of the government regulation worsens the condition. Tempo collaborates with a Dutch investigative media organisation Investico and Narasi to make this report.

  • Environment

    Ecotourism  to Secure Hope

    Ecotourism to Secure Hope

    Hutan Harapan faces the threats of land burning, illegal logging and mining road construction. Still relying on donors’ funding, this restoration company needs government support.

  • Interview

    Erick Thohir, State-Owned Enterprises Minister I Am Extremely Powerful

    Right after he took over the position of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Minister from Rini Soemarno, Erick Thohir immediately buckled down to work.



    Picture Window

    Roller Coaster

    The newly inaugurated Elevated Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road in Bekasi, West Java, Wednesday, December 11. Toll road operator Jasa Marga is still conducting repairs on some faulty expansion joints which cause the road to become undulatory, before the highway is fully operational on December 15. ANTARA/Risky Andrianto


  • Money Lost at BRI

    Money Lost at BRI

    ON November 12, 2019 at 10:08pm, West Indonesia Time, I received an SMS notification from BRI that I had made four banking transactions with a nominal value of Rp2.5 million per transaction plus a Rp7,500 administration fee.

  • I’m free...!

    I’m free...!

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Wrong Direction

    Wrong Direction

    We all understand the State Electricity Company (PLN) needs major breakthroughs to improve its performance.

  • All Jokowi’s Men

    All Jokowi’s Men

    The appointment of Comsr. Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo as Chief of the Criminal Unit of the Police is heavily backed by Jokowi. The President cannot use the police for political aims.

  • Misguided Khilafah

    Misguided Khilafah

    Overseeing all jihad and khilafah content in schools is not the solution to combat radicalism. What is needed is a return to the basic aim of education.

  • Half-hearted Policy

    Half-hearted Policy

    The ecosystem restoration project to revive forest degradation is under threat. A result of government incosistencies.

  • Sidelines

    The 16-year-old girl came to warn that there are citizens in the world who are never heard: the unborn.

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