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Edition 23 December 2019

  • Leisurely Weekends for KPK Staff
    Cover Story

    Leisurely Weekends for KPK Staff

    KPK’s performance has weakened since its law revision came into effect on October 17, with no sting operations performed in the past two months. Furthermore, wiretapping—the ultimate weapon for catching corrupt government officials—has not been performed at full capacity. A number of cases are predicted to go unresolved under the new leadership. The KPK is no longer a feared institution.

  • A Cold Applause for New KPK Leader
    Cover Story

    A Cold Applause for New KPK Leader

    Tensions are brewing among police and non-police KPK employees. Some have chosen to leave.

  • We Sent 608 People to Prison
    Cover Story

    We Sent 608 People to Prison

    Former KPK Deputy chair, Saut Situmorang:

  • New Council  for the KPK
    Cover Story

    New Council for the KPK

    Members of the KPK supervisory council, who are selected by the state secretary, were only confirmed last minute. The council’s establishment is being criticized as it is seen as an extension of the President’s authority.

  • Following the Freshly-Paved Road
    Cover Story

    Following the Freshly-Paved Road

    Lili Pintauli Siregar invited government officials and a former corruption convict to a thanksgiving event for the selection of the new KPK leadership. This could potentially affect the independence of law enforcement efforts.

  •  A Thousand Doubts for the New KPK
    Cover Story

    A Thousand Doubts for the New KPK

    The new Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) era will begin with a new law, a new leadership, and a new supervisory council.

  • Acceleration of Mandatory Biodiesel

    Acceleration of Mandatory Biodiesel

    The government accelerated the B30 program this week. This happened under the shadow of a shortage in methanol supply.

  • high Price for State Electricity

    high Price for State Electricity

    The energy ministry seeks ways to increase portion of renewable energy electricity mix by changing the purchase price. Businesses love it, but not PLN.

  • Police Batons in Tamansari

    Police Batons in Tamansari

    Residents of Tamansari faced police brutality during an eviction. Their legal efforts have been inconsequential.

  • Oesman Sapta Leads Hanura Again

    Oesman Sapta Leads Hanura Again

    OESMAN Sapta Odang has been reelected general chairman of Hanura Party for 2019-2024.

  • Cover Story

    Cover Story

    Corruption Will Never End with Prosecution

    Chairman, Corruption Eradication Commission ComSr. Gen. Firli Bahuri


  • Law

    A Dreary Night at a  Military Headquarters

    A Dreary Night at a Military Headquarters

    Some military personnel are suspected of abusing a driver of an app-based transportation service at their headquarters in Jambi. Despite having been the victim of a scam, the driver has been named a suspect.

  • Seni Grafis

    Gandari, Christine, and Melati

    Gandari, Christine, and Melati

    Opera Gandari by Tony Prabowo was performed for the third time. Director Melati Suryodarmo gave a new interpretation imbued with her personal experience as a woman.

  • Outreach

    Millennials Take Care of Osing Tradition

    Millennials Take Care of Osing Tradition

    Osing youths are preserving the tradition of recitation of Lontar Yusup poetry. They are also involved in the documentation of old manuscripts in Banyuwangi.

  • Opinion

    Welcome, Jokowi’s KPK

    The appointment of five public figures as members of the Corruption Eradication Commission Supervisory Board is definitely no cause for celebration.



    Picture Window


    TWO children exploring the Ek Leuntie Cave—also known as the ancient tsunami cave—in Meunasah Lhok village, Lhong, Greater Aceh, Aceh, Sunday, December 22. Scientists discovered sediment inside Ek Leuntie Cave that indicate tsunami as recuring natural disasters since 7,400 years ago. ANTARA/Irwansyah Putra


  • We Need Police Reform

    We Need Police Reform

    The police still resort to brutality when executing their duties. President Jokowi should not take a hands-off approach in the matter.

  • Emission’s Pipe Dream

    Emission’s Pipe Dream

    The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid ended with no agreement. The government’s aim to reduce carbon emission has become progressively difficult.

  • New Rules for Clean Energy

    New Rules for Clean Energy

    The government is releasing new regulations to develop clean energy. It needs definite markers so rent seekers cannot misuse it.

  • BNI’s Credit Card Service

    BNI’s Credit Card Service

    I have had an energy draining experience from the moment of my husband’s demise up to the present, handling a banking matter with BNI.

  • It’s clean, isn’t it?

    It’s clean, isn’t it?

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Sidelines

    A Banana was exhibited on a wall in a gallery in Miami, America, with a price tag of 120 dollars. It was part of the Basel Art exhibition held in mid December. The artist, Maurizio Cattelan, had titled it ‘Comedian’, probably after buying the banana at a supermarket for 20 cents.

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