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Edition 24 February 2020

  • Kalla’s Network in the Monas Race
    Cover Story

    Kalla’s Network in the Monas Race

    Preparations for the Formula E race at the National Monument triggered a polemic. The State Palace initially forbade holding the event at this location but later gave its approval. Those close to Jusuf Kalla are involved.

  • Stepping on the Gas at Monas
    Cover Story

    Stepping on the Gas at Monas

    After weighing several locations for the race circuit, Formula E organizers selected the National Monument grounds, considering it Jakarta’s main icon. Governor Anies claims he had reported the plan to President Jokowi.

  • Grand Ambitions
    Cover Story

    Grand Ambitions

    Revitalization of the national monument area, which started just ahead of the Formula E race, was carried out without the central government’s approval.

  • It Was FEO Which Picked Monas
    Cover Story

    It Was FEO Which Picked Monas

    Dwi Wahyu, chief executive officer, Jakarta Propertindo:

  • The Family Resilience Bill under Fire

    The Family Resilience Bill under Fire

    The Family Resilience Bill triggers controversy. It is considered of encroaching too far in the private domain.

  • Failed Omnibus Lobby

    Failed Omnibus Lobby

    Numerous dissemination efforts seem unable to prevent demonstrations planned by labor unions to protest the omnibus bill. New problems appear to arise outside of the official draft content.

  • Manpower Minister Ida Fauziyah: It’s Not Easy to Accommodate the Interests of Both businesses and Employees

    Manpower Minister Ida Fauziyah: It’s Not Easy to Accommodate the Interests of Both businesses and Employees

    The omnibus bill on job creation will be the first challenge for Manpower Minister Ida Fauziyah.

  • Double trouble

    Double trouble

    The formulation of a regulation that will legitimate the hand-over of pension insurance management to BP Jamsostek is stuck at the administrative and bureaucratic reform ministry. The debate heats up at the Constitutional Court’s hearing.

  • Badminton Courtside Radioactivity

    Badminton Courtside Radioactivity

    The Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency discovered some radioactive cesium-137 at the Batan Indah Housing Complex in Serpong, South Tangerang. It is suspected of originating from leftover industrial equipment.

  • We Were Not Remiss

    We Were Not Remiss

    Chief, Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency, Jazi Eko Istiyanto:

  • Law


    Delayed Announcement of Radiation

    The Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency contained and disposed of land exposed to radiation after two weeks from finding some cesium-137 in the area. The initial plan was to quietly remove the waste.


  • Environment

    Slow Growing Green Open Space

    Slow Growing Green Open Space

    City administrations are having difficulties meeting the green open space requirement of 30 percent of overall city area. Jakarta sets an annual growth of 23 hectares of open space, far below the ideal amount of 650 hectares.

  • Interview

    Taxation Director-General Suryo Utomo: With Tax Cuts,  the Economy Can Grow

    Taxation Director-General Suryo Utomo: With Tax Cuts, the Economy Can Grow

    Controversy surrounding the omnibus bill’s deliberations has not discouraged Finance Ministry’s Taxation Director-General, Suryo Utomo.

  • Letters

    Pension Allowance for Civil Servant’s Wife

    I retired as a civil servant as of April 1, 2013 with the rank of IVD. In the retirement identity card No. 08003867500, issued by the principal branch office of Palembang on June 4, 2013, my four-member family is listed (myself, wife and two children) with a pension worth about Rp4.2 million.



    Fired Up!

    THE Pepe-pepeka Ri Makka (Fire from the Holy Land) dance performance during the ceremonial Gowa palace guards change at the yard of Balla Lompoa Palace in Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi, Monday, February 17. The guard changing ceremony called Tubarani (Brave) is a routine presentation of the Gowa Kingdom dan the regional government every 17th of the month to preserve local traditional cultures./ANTARA/Abriawan Abhe


  • Sorry, typos

    Sorry, typos

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Need for Speed

    Need for Speed

    JAKARTA Governor Anies Baswedan’s decision to hold a Formula E race in the National Monument (Monas) area in early June will only benefit a handful of businesspeople, while most residents of the capital city will be disadvantaged.

  • Radioactive Panic

    Radioactive Panic

    Careless disposal of radioactive waste endangers life and the environment. Batan and Bapeten’s monitoring is still weak.

  • Private Interference

    Private Interference

    The bill on family resilience regulates the private sphere of citizens. There is no need for the government to join deliberations.

  • Struggling to Unite

    Struggling to Unite

    Taspen and Asabri are refusing to handover the management of government employees’ pension funds to the State Social Security Agency. The government must be firm.

  • Sidelines

    Back in those days, I would listen to my mother’s stories as she lulled the children to sleep. She knew that sleep was investment for a fresh new day. In the 20th century, stories had become ‘technology’.

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