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Edition 10 March 2020

  • Coronavirus Lobby in Geneva
    Cover Story

    Coronavirus Lobby in Geneva

    The world and the Indonesian public are questioning the government’s transparency in detecting and mitigating the spread of coronavirus in the country. Indonesian foreign affairs minister lobbied the World Health Organization. Appointing a spokesman for coronavirus-related affairs, the Palace reportedly has grown irked by the health minister.

  • The Global Epidemic
    Cover Story

    The Global Epidemic

    In just two months, more than 100 nations have been hit with the coronavirus. Governments’ transparency and immediate response can help people avoid the viral outbreak crisis.

  • Different Port, Different Procedure
    Cover Story

    Different Port, Different Procedure

    The government looks into medical histories at border crossings. Thermal scanners are no longer effective.

  • On the Radar:  Covid-19
    Cover Story

    On the Radar: Covid-19

    Health officials are monitoring travelers arriving from the countries where Covid-19 is prevalent. Tests are not aimed at treating patients.

  • Corona’s Economic Impacts
    Cover Story

    Corona’s Economic Impacts

    Local industries are buckling under because of the spread of Covid-19. Employees are told to stay home.

  • We Are Not Impervious to Corona
    Cover Story

    We Are Not Impervious to Corona

    Spokesman for coronavirus affiars, Achmad Yurianto:

  • Education Minister’s Pace-Setting

    Education Minister’s Pace-Setting

    Nadiem Makarim had a plan to change the education system before he was appointed to the cabinet. He uses his experience at Gojek.

  • Educational Reforms Will Take 10-15 Years

    Educational Reforms Will Take 10-15 Years

    Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim:

  • Bakrie Under the Loop, Auditors Split

    Bakrie Under the Loop, Auditors Split

    The BPK discovered suspicious investments from Asuransi Jiwasraya in shares of the Bakrie Group. However, this may not be included in the conclusion of the investigation.

  • Roundabout Rescue Scenario

    Roundabout Rescue Scenario

    An injection of state equity participation is one of the possible schemes to rescue Jiwasraya, through the holding of a state-owned insurance company.

  • Economy


    No Expectation for Stimulus

    IT is increasingly becoming clear that the health of global financial market is entirely hanging on an infusion of stimulus from the central bank.


  • Law

    Pressed by Prosecutors

    Pressed by Prosecutors

    Two prosecutors are suspected of extorting a witness in the Hambalang sports complex corruption case. The Attorney General’s Office has not yet punished them despite clear evidence.

  • Interview

    Perry Warjiyo, Governor, Bank Indonesia:  Global Investors Are Still Waiting

    Perry Warjiyo, Governor, Bank Indonesia: Global Investors Are Still Waiting

    Bank Indonesia (BI) is stepping up measures to mitigate the impact from the new coronavirus or Covid-19 outbreak that has struck scores of nations across several continents.

  • Letters

    Bukalapak’s Reward Is Unclear

    Bukalapak’s Reward Is Unclear

    I WAS a participant with the highest rating in the #maudigaransimurah program of Bukalapak carried out on October 7-December 31, 2019.

  • Cartoon


    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurachman



    Bollowing Rage

    TOURISTS observe the eruption of Mount Merapi from the Klangon Hill, Cangkringan, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Tuesday, March 3. Mount Merapi erupted at 5:22am releasing a column of ash 6,000 meters high. Local government set a level II (alert) status on the region./ANTARA/Rizky Tulus


  • The Corona Blunder

    The Corona Blunder

    THERE is a marked difference between self-confidence and recklessness.

  • Mistargeted Education Reform

    Mistargeted Education Reform

    Campuses should be centers of public discourse uncontaminated by any governmental vested interest. They should not be institutions for only churning out an able workforce.

  • Tragic Fate of a Whistleblower

    Tragic Fate of a Whistleblower

    A whistleblower in a corruption case was made suspect in tax fraud by the Attorney General. A muddled method of law enforcement.

  • Hanky-Panky Audit

    Hanky-Panky Audit

    Jiwasraya investments hit a bottleneck in the share’s repossession of the Bakrie Group companies. The BPK should not cover up the results of an audit investigation.

  • Sidelines

    A boring town: Oran. Or a small town that might be the very definition of boredom: no doves, no trees, no parks and rustling leaves. People work, make love and die with the same monotony. There is no drama.

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