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Edition 24 March 2020

  • Unarmed on the Front Lines
    Cover Story

    Unarmed on the Front Lines

    Medical personnel are struggling to treat coronavirus patients with limited supplies of protective equipment. Amid the shortage, a number of researchers are predicting a spike in confirmed Covid-19 cases in Indonesia. Experts believe that current health care facilities will not be able to accommodate the rising number of patients. There is not enough pulmonologists available to handle this predicted spike.

  • Rush Lobbying for Detectors
    Cover Story

    Rush Lobbying for Detectors

    The government is working to bring in Covid-19 test kits from various countries. Some un-recommended kits are still being purchased.

  • Those Who Risk Their Lives
    Cover Story

    Those Who Risk Their Lives

    All healthcare providers and staff in health facilities are vulnerable to contagion of Covid-19. Not only do they provide care, they also listen to the worries of the patients.

  • A War Without Ammunition
    Cover Story

    A War Without Ammunition

    The WHO has cautioned early about the world’s unpreparedness to face the corona pandemic. Health workers in the United States are complaining about the limited testing equipment available and the shortage of face masks.

  • Racing Against the Pandemic
    Cover Story

    Racing Against the Pandemic

    President Joko Widodo ordered mass rapid testing to track the spreading of Covid-19. But a previous testing method is still needed to more accurately detect the virus.

  • If There Is No Screening, Hospitals Will Be Full
    Cover Story

    If There Is No Screening, Hospitals Will Be Full

    Head of the Covid-19 Mitigation Acceleration Task Force Expert Team Wiku Adisasmito:

  • Shelter Before the Storm

    Shelter Before the Storm

    Banks are preparing protocol to deal with the crisis that comes with the Covid-19 pandemic. Potentially non-performing loans further induces the flagging business sectors.

  • Armed Group Allegedly Set Fire to Church

    Armed Group Allegedly Set Fire to Church

    AN armed group allegedly set fire to the Kemah Injil Indonesia Klasis Mimika Church, Sinai Congregation, in Tembagapura, Papua.

  • Unstoppable Bleeding of the Economy
    Market Pulse

    Unstoppable Bleeding of the Economy

    OUR economy is severely bleeding. There has been a rapid outflow of foreign exchange in the past month.

  • Abduction in Myawaddy Forest
    Asean & Beyond

    Abduction in Myawaddy Forest

    Two Myanmar journalists were held captive for 24 hours. They were investigating construction projects at the Thai-Myanmar border.

  • Interview


    Amin Soebandrio, Director, Eijkman Institute of Molecular Biology: The Novel Coronavirus Is Not Geographically Restricted

    Ever since President Joko Widodo mentioned the need for decentralized coronavirus testing, Eijkman Molecular Biology Institute’s phone lines have not stopped ringing.


  • Law

    The Chairman Comes of Age

    The Chairman Comes of Age

    Set to retire in early April, Supreme Court Chairman Hatta Ali has not yet ordered the formation of a committee to select his successor. He was caught on camera visiting a hotel project in West Nusa Tenggara.

  • Economy

    The First Victims of the Market Crash

    The First Victims of the Market Crash

    Air travel and tourism are the first industries to be hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. A number of rescue policies are being prepared.

  • Economy

    A Soft Yet Lethal Blow

    Economists calculated that the corona pandemic will culminate in a global economic crisis. The government and the central bank are preparing rescue strategies.



    Surviving The Odds

    A YOUNG survivor of the earthquake and soil liquefaction in Palu, Central Sulawesi, is studying in a makeshift facility at the Balaroa refugee camp, Wednesday, March 18. The lack of facility such as Internet connection and gadgets has forced surviving children to study using improvised means after their schools are closed to prevent the Covid-19 outbreak. ANTARA/Mohamad Hamzah


  • The Coronavirus and Lockdown

    The Coronavirus and Lockdown

    THE intention of Governor Anies Baswedan to lock down Jakarta has been widely supported by the country’s intellectuals, who are multidisciplinary medical specialists.

  • Okay, ‘Right, Boss.

    Okay, ‘Right, Boss.

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Avoiding the Crisis

    Avoiding the Crisis

    We are now at the most crucial period in responding to the coronavirus disease 2019, or Covid-19, pandemic. Without the right decisions and proper handling, it will be difficult to avoid a multidimensional crisis erupting.

  • Time to Reform the Court

    Time to Reform the Court

    The Supreme Court is about to select a new chair following the retirement of Muhammad Hatta Ali at the beginning of April. It is time to reform the Court.

  • Saving the Economy

    Saving the Economy

    The government needs to immediately propose a revised 2020 State Budget as a guideline to minimizing the economic impacts of the coronavirus.

  • Start the Dialog in Papua

    Start the Dialog in Papua

    The security and welfare approach have failed to resolve the conflict in Papua. The president needs to establish a special team to bring about dialog.

  • Sidelines

    One of history’s illusions is the border.

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